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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Nov 18, 2012 12:57 Flag

    media crap!

    "great save from suarez,who rolls it out to suarez,he plays a quick one two with suarez,who hits a deep cross and slotted home by suarez.
    oh where would liverpool be without suarez?
    Now apologies if you think I've just repeated the commentary from match of the day, but really?
    Yes Suarez is important to us, like Mata at CFC, Van Persie at Utd.
    But piss poor sports writing and pathetic match commentary from MOTD does not give enough praise to the work achieved by Sterling,Suso,Enrique and actually Henderson when he came on yesterday.
    Bearing in mind we effectively play with one striker is he not doing what he is supposed to do....score?
    Last season "he needs too many chances to score"this year "he's the only one who scores goals"
    It's a bit like afew years ago when we had all the " LFC can't win without Gerrard" then when we went and won games without him, they moved on to Torres. Why do the media have this obsession with making us a one man team?

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    • It's typical MOTD who've always had a downer on us, ( surely not Mr Lineker ex Everton missing out on Europe because of the ban, eh?)
      I said on here years ago and the same thing happened on Saturday, we have a good performance we'll be transmitted last with about 2 minutes screening time. I watched the match in full and no way was MOTD editing anything like the actual game. In the little time we had did you notice they had time to highlight " the Suarez stamp", just so we could keep the "nasty" image bubbling !!!
      If we'd been beaten 3-0 it would have been shown first I assure you.

    • Spot on! I thought the same thing recently. Its been a while since we had a 'goal scorer' and I'm happy we have one now. As you say, its a team effort to get the ball to Suarez and be in goal scoring positions.

      The only worry is if he gets injured....

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      • I'd probably have the least amount of input on this as far as the history of the team/club goes since I wasn't old enough in the 80's and obviously never saw the hay days when there was more than one in the Great Liverpool Sides..

        I agree with what you're saying and the premise, though I'll say in a way I understand the tedious hinting on us being over reliant, because it was always Torres, or Gerrard, or Torres and Gerrard, but obviously their finishes or assists came from great defending or Mascherano winning a challenge or Xabi picking a pass..

        That said, Suarez is in absolutely rare, world class form which is absoultely thrilling to watch, but it has to be said, even from a neutral point of view, his 2 goals yesterday, and several others recently have been that of an "out and out" striker and not the Suarez we've become accustomed to..

        Sterling with a magnificent play, run and pass, to Suarez for a brilliant finish, and then Jose a perfectly weighted through ball, which Suarez had to really time well, as well as avoid touching to keep it going with his run and then a world class "goal scorers' goal"

        He had 2 finishes, created by the work of others.. If they're too blind to see it, oh well because last time I checked, Suarez is on top of the goal charts with 10, and there are other players credited with the assists..