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    Chips in come January Window..

    Welp, of the two, Tom Werner is obviously the far more public and vocal, also more involved from the regular activities, at least far as I'm under the impression from this side of the swimming pool.. Though when Henry speaks, I have come to see over the years, it's the end all be all..

    That said, Werner has put it out there, basically all his chips in, or credibility if you like, that there will be things accomplished in January, players coming in, and as we all thought/know, discussion on Suarez is not up for debate (assuming nobody offers 75M)..

    So, again, I have no vested interest in these guys because I despise the Red Sox and I hope they never win another game all my life, as far as LFC goes, I think they've done far more good than bad, and August was a really bad mistake which seems to have involved several levels, so here he is, taking accountability, and putting his / their chips in for plans in January..

    I am hopeful that they'll have at least one surprise for us similar to that of Suarez 2 seasons ago.. Maybe not quite that much, or that high calibre, but close, and then a couple of clever additions, and whatever subtractions that need to go (Downing, Cole, maybe Wilson)..


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    • If we're only talking about these 2 players, Theo, and Sturridge, and taking all things into consideration and then stripping it down to the very basics, this is how I see it..

      Walcott has electrifying pace, primarily a right sided player, and on his day, can't be marked and can finish in style. The problem is, "his day" often seems to come and go like the weather, but he is far more a regular player, like you said Dave. And, you have to wonder, is he at his ceiling with how far he can get? I tend to think yes.. I haven't seen him play on the left, or if he has, effectively. I don't even know if he has a left foot, he's not a consistently good crosser of the ball, he can't do any type of hold up play or back to the cbs/keeper, which even Suarez can, quite effectively, and we would have to alter for him, putting Suarez right or left, which isn't the worst thing, but how he's going right now, I'd have him trapped in a plastic bubble with 02 flowing 24/7..

      Sturridge, has been on loan and did go a little bit goal crazy for Bolton, he actually did perform quite well for team GB, at least i thought so as a neutral, with one spectacular backheel goal that I've also seen him pull off in league play, perhaps Blackburn last year. He does have 2 feet, he can stand up a defender and take him with dribbling, stepovers, and cut in to shoot or pass, and has never really been given the chance to have a go for any extensive period of time, yet even when he comes in for 5-10 mins he seems to have some impact.. So, I think he has far more ceiling and potential that can be realized, and the difference is lacking the pace of Walcott, which isn't saying anything too bad since he's a quick player himself, and he can play centrally or both sides..

      I do think he plays with swagger when he gets the chance, and when you're playing, and playing well, scoring goals, that's the sign of a great player, though not all feel the need to dance and jive, but hey, that's his thing. And it obviously speaks to his sulking too, if you're a talented, capable, somewhat proven player, but getting mop up time or save the day time, you could feel distraught, so I see that side of him..

      Put it this way, if we had Sturridge (and he's not my choice for this window, or the summer, only making a case vs Theo) last year, and he had 36 league starts instead of Stewie Downing, would it be fair to say we'd have gotten 5 goals and 5 assists? Stewarts 36 league starts yielded 1 yellow card, and if not for that, there would be no statistical evidence he was ever a Red in 2011/12..

      If it does in fact come down to these 2, and assuming we've gotten 1-2 others, then I think my mind is made up that Sturridge is the better all around player, and not lacking so much in the flash department, the only downside is perhaps he would be a loan, but paying 8-12M on Theo and having Forrest Gump run 100MPH down the right wing and right into the tunnel some days, isn't exactly going to help when he's on his off days, which seem to be slightly more than his "on days"..

      But again, to reiterate, neither are amongst my top 10 choices as far as striker, or any players coming in for this January, and I don't have an unrealistic list that would include the likes of Cavani, etc etc.. Just saying if forced to choose, but right now, no thanks..

    • Just one thought on Sturridge vs. Walcott. I think Brendan was walking out of Stamford Bridge just after Sturridge walked in, but he is more likely going to know a little more about him if he was at all involved in tracking him, which I'd expect he was as the reserve team coach. Going for players you already know might limit things in some ways, but there is something to be said about the devil you know versus the one you don't.

      Also, was looking over Sturridge's stats as so many seem to have some niggling doubts about him, and was wondering if they really are comparable to the likes of Walcott. For the most part Theo has been a starter for Arsenal, while Sturridge has always played back up, or impact sub. It’s striking to me that he's only got 13 goals from 62 appearances with Chelsea, yet got 8 goals from 13 when on loan with Bolton. Makes me think he might do much better if he's actually a starter, and feels he's really part of the set up rather than just a spare wheel.

    • For some reason, I thought Theo had longer, so my Summer comment was obviously wrong, but I don't know, I actually just don't think will.. I think for once, they are trying to play hardball, and it's because they are very heavy in the black as far as profits, and perhaps forcing his hand to sign a new deal.

      I know they have options, but let's face it, Chamakh is lucky to play and will probably go, Gervinho is injured, may have African Cup and world cup qualifiers, and if nothing else, seems to be a more expensive Theo, with hitting hot streaks and cold patches. Podolski is very flexible, can play wide left, wide right and through the middle, so they have him and Giroud. Should Arsenal progress to the knockouts, they will also have a busy league, and Fa Cup.. so Arsene will want all his options, and to send a message to other good players rumored to wanting away like Sagna, and even a whisper of Vermaelen who would jump for joy if a club like Barca called, who need CB help..

      This said, I personally love Theo's speed and on his day can be devastating, but he does pick up knocks, and doesn't have the pressing work rate (he could) that we use, and it has to be noted, and I'm not sure if anyone else had seen it, but there were stories of Arsenal selling to us but wanting Sterling in return.. Is anyone here willing to consider that?

      Sturridge has a better all around game as a striker, but his price tag is high, has logistics with regards to Chelsea's activity, and we all seem to have some issue with him, so if we're that iffy, we really don't fancy him... Not that we're pulling the strings..

      All of this considered, the way Suarez is going, is it too wild for me to say he, of late is playing almost as if he were Torres ? His last 3 goals, have been as good of a #9's finishes as there can be, the one vs Newcastle was Torres 08/09 all over again. And, do we want to mess with him? He could cool off, but based on his skill, who's to say he can't continue, so maybe the strategy is to really build around and behind him, which BR did say, and then bring in someone who can score goals, but isn't going to detract from Luis game, and/or pout when he's not selected all the time.

      Ultimately, it would be thrilling to know Suarez is in the form he's in, but could keep it going, while resting for a match, with someone else up there capable of knocking in 1 or 2, with assistance of others.. There will be plenty of "good" ones to look at and talk about, and sure, if a "great" one is available, all for it, but just imagine a class creative winger who creates what Suarez does, with pace, that could set him up, as well as a back up 9, with Borini at least available as # 3 at some point..

    • It looks like, from most of the interviews I have heard, that we will be buying first then tidying up after. The momentum of media gossip suggests it will be Sturridge and Walcott for around £20m the pair then and only then will be looking to offload. To be honest, Joe Cole going on a free would be a good result plus if we could get £8-£10m for Downing that would be a good months business even if it doesnt look great on paper.

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      • Both Arsenal, and Wenger issued public statements yesterday and last night, through Sky sports and their website, that Theo Walcott will not be sold in this January window..

        I think he has 18 months left, which gives them the remainder of the season and time in the summer to convince him to stay, or then sell on.

        And, to be honest, with how Suarez is playing, now exclusively up top in various formations, and absolutely clinical and on fire as one can be, I can't see any rationale in signing Walcott since he persists on being a central striker, and I think it would be absurd to consider moving Suarez to accommodate Theo.
        Walcott has almost never played from the left side, at least for as long as I've watched, always on the right, or in the middle in mop up time..

        Sturridge would only be moved if Chelsea bought 2 strikers because by everything we can all see, and read, they've pretty much lost all confidence in Torres after he had found a good patch, but nothing since. I expect them to add Falcao, or someone of that calibre, maybe Shcurrle, but RDM said Sturridge is not going to be moved either. He could be playing his hand of course, but again since there's no confiedence in Torres, bringing in another, gives them 3, which basically a club challenging for the top 3 in the EPL and progressing in the CL, should be the minimum. You see Madrid has 3-4, City while one foot out the door, have 4, Barca have plenty, Bayern have 3..

        I don't think it will be either, while the media will suggest. I think BR will be looking at other leagues for players that will enhance the areas around Suarez, and to find a competent, clinical backup for Suarez that could be relied on to start and score in some cup games, Europa should they progress, and the rare day off, if Suarez ever takes one..

        Basically, I see more need for depth behind him, and more strength around him since for whatever reason, Assaidi hasn't gotten his shot in the league, and Suso isn't a proper wide player.

        Just think if we had someone slightly older, more polished, and more clinical to compliment Sterling on the other side, who can provide assists and score goals.. In addition to his rapid development..

        I personally believe they will do everything in their power to get rid of at least Cole, and listen to anything anyone may offer for Downing. Despite saying they don't really want to focus on players going, you can't have 2 bodies on the bench with no intentions of playing, while earning almost 200k a week combined, because if we wanted to think crazy and assume the owners wanted to splash BIG on a #9, their wages alone would pay his salary, and over the season help recoup the money paid..

        They've got to go, but obviously focusing on the INS, comes first. No disagreement there..