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  • Hobitez Hobitez Nov 20, 2012 16:50 Flag

    Lucas is back!

    Well nearly :) Looks like he could get 45mins in a closed doors match and, fingers crossed, will be available for the busy schedule over the next 6-7 weeks. I think I have been burdening him with too much expectation and how his return will affect the platform for others to join in the attack but in all reality, it surely will take him a while to bed back in. He only had a couple of games after the knee injury so it will be natural for him to not be steaming into challenges and blasting around the place, shame, it's kinda what he does!

    Either way, this is excellent news for us all round.


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    • Lucas is to Hobs what Cavani is to Jason ??

      It is very good news, and can't wait to have him back, but like we said in the other thread, they have to be really careful this time, more cautious than the first.

      They had a rigorous training camp, and while his knee had healed, much faster than the typical ACL does, he may have been exaggerating the thigh without knowing it, and boom, it just happened in the league match..

      45" indoors is good, and if he should feel anything, he absolutely has to come off. Assuming not, up it further a bit, and lets hope that he's good as new maybe 1st-2nd week January, which makes for a new addition (just stealing what we know BR will say =) )..

      It will do wonders for us defensively, and just as well attack wise, with additions and added competition ramping up everywhere. But again, with regards to the entire leg, and even the other, it has to be baby steps this time. I would never really wish that on anyone, but god forbid it caused another lengthy set back in this leg, but further the other, and it would be very sad and career damaging.

      But, sorry to repeat that stuff or sound negative, I'm not, very pleased and he's a key part of the team and a fan favorite so great to even see him training, with a smile and having fun!

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      • I don't know if I like him that much Jase! He is just our ball winner and I love a ball winner! Maybe Shaqiri or Eriksen are my 'Cavani's :)

        I think if he is clear after this one we will be seeing him in action for the first team for the Southampton match on December 2nd. Regardless of the old ACL, the thigh injury isn't terribly serious, fingers crossed, it doesnt cause a problem.