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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Nov 21, 2012 10:26 Flag

    Di Matteo sacked!!


    Roman Abramovich is a fking numpty.

    He's as fickle as the moronic Uniturd fans calling for Fergies head after they lost a game. Heaven forbid.

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    • As things are going at LFC is Di Matteo coming our way?

    • Another ex-Chelsea manager on the market. I just hope the rumours aren't true and we don't bridge the gap with an ex-Liverpool one...


    • I'd like to think most of our fans are above calling for heads to roll and can look at the bigger picture.

      However the reactions to Rafa, Roy, Kenny and now Rodgers, shows that we aren't immune.

      I just hope that Abramovich's trigger happy behavious doesn't rub off, and that Rodgers is allowed to continue with his work, despitethe occasional inevitable setbacks and bad runs.

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      • To be fair Robert only Roy could be possibly confused with a Roman like lynching:

        Rafa given 6 years at the club and only let go after full season of under performance and fall out with the owners

        Kenny hired as an interim manager, and given a longer term deal with the understanding he'd step aside once a long term younger manager was found, coupled with a full season where league results went backward.

        Roy yes a short "Roman" like tenure, but then it was crystal clear his buys were awful with none of his players even playing in the prem any longer (Konchesky, Poulsen, even Meireles), and league results went from bad to worse.

        Now compare that to:

        Win the double, and collect your P45
        Get to the CL final and see the sole of my size 10s
        And, now win the FA cup and the CL but we'll see you later because you've got the side playing with style, but 3rd (after a 6th place showing last term) is just good enough! Yes a poor result in Europe, but its not like Roman has never seen that before, and he did not have to travel all the way to Italy, a trip to the North West was all he needed.