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    Team to face Spurs?

    I think it was a point gained against Swansea, if anything, we were unlucky not to take all 3 with another incorrectly ruled out goal for the reinvigourated Enrique. 8 undefeated shows we have tightened up our early lapses and now we really need to start picking up some wins to capitalise on the tightening top group. This is a tough ask as we see 2 of the leagues in form hitmen (Defoe/Suarez) go head to head. Controlling Bale is always key whilst nearly man Dempsey will have a point to prove. The battle between Sterling and Walker could be important also.

    The games have been coming thick and fast so I wouldnt be suprised to see a few changes.


    Subs: Jones, Carragher, Suso, Cole, Downing, henderson, Sahin

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    • I don't think I'll ever fully be able to say I've figured BR out, which I think in his case is a good thing, because he's a progressive thinker, rather than reactive or someone to defer to the popular thought of what might be obvious.. More or less, he seems to march to the beat of his own drum, with creativity and a method to his madness, or at least the bravery to try and succeed, rather than not, and still fail..

      Having said that, I've been on it all season long and have been since the summer so until I see otherwise for a consistent run, BR wants Glen as the main LB because of his obvious abilities, but the aditional threat of cutting in for shots, which have come closer and closer to a few stunners..

      Also, while I'd love if he were ready, and I had more belief, I don't feel Assaidi is ready to get a start here, where everytime we play Spurs home or away, it tends to have periods where it's an absolute trackmeet, and presuming Kyle Walker is on the right back, I don't fancy Assaidi's first league start as too effective. All this said, here's what I think inside the Northern Irishman's head.. Probably the most bizarre looking formation ever created, which will somehow play out as 3-5-2 and end up 4-3-3. I'd like, and think if there's ever a game for him to start and be at his tricky best, Suso in the front third pulling the strings.. He clearly wouldn't do much tracking back on Bale or Lennon if/when inverted.. He's our little Silva, so let him do his thing in the middle, if so then I'd have this looking more traditionally shaped..

      I do think, whatever it is with that combo of Glen and Jose (now in form) overlapping, has become troublesome for our opponents..


      Jones, Sahin, Suso, Hendo, Carra, Downing, Assaidi

    • he (Rodgers) has got me completely lost now with some rather different selections of late but he did say that we need to use the full squad of late. 4 games in 10 days I think he said.

      Anyway Enrique. What's happened there? Someones flipped the "on" switch it seems. Fair play and should play with Johnson on the other side fo me. We need pace to deal with Bale. He will change sides throughout the game.

      Up front is a dilema now. Suarez plays. Suso and Sterling for me I think.

      I'll take a draw here, away from home. The key for us will be to seriously improve that home form.

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      • The selection against Swans did seem a bit strange, I think he might be going on form and if Hendo, Downing and Cole are switching it on in training then they get a chance. Sahin seems to have fallen right out of favour as does Suso a bit. For me Shelvey has to start, how about trying him in one if the wide attacking roles? I'm not completely sold on Enrique there. Allen hasn't had a good game in a while, and for some reason Hendo was often playing a more advance role at Swansea rather the defensive position which he did so well against Wigan.

        So to sum up... no idea!

        How about this: