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    Rafa Benitez

    A bit late but the boards being down has seen to that. It was a quick appointment but it seemed pretty logical the moment Di Matteo was so harshly fired. Firstly, I have to say I am sad to see Bobby get the chop, Chelsea had the chance to sculpt their own long term gaffer there, he is a real Chelsea man and seems to have the respect of his dressing room and is loved by the majority of fans. Not even a major double can keep you in a job these days.

    He started off so well this season, almost too well considering the complete squad overhaul and style change. They were however, a little naive tacticly and conceded goals at an alarming rate. The appontment of Rafa seems a decision made for 2 reasons, firstly to rekindle Torres and secondly to sort the defence. I geninely felt sorry for the guy to see him booed on his debut, it was nothing short of embarrasing. It is clear he is the 'interim' manager whilst Roman tries to convince Pep or Jose to take over in the summer, so why boo him? There can't be a better stop/gap option in the world right now.

    The fans groups are claiming that it is because Benitez called them plastic when in reality he was responding to a reporter in the midst of a rivalry where we seemed to play Chelsea every week. I think he said "We don't need to give our supporters flags to get them in the mood", ironic that he was welcomed with more mass produced flags......

    They might not like the guy but he didnt appoint himself and he didnt fire Di Matteo. It shows the cowardice of the fans to boo him when the anger should be aimed at their owner who they are petrified of upsetting. At Liverpool, we demand the voice of our owners, the same at United, Arsenal, Newcastle etc. This is the one occasion where a big club is owned by an individual, he isnt the custodian, it is his toy and he will do what he wants no matter what any fans think.

    What will actually happen in the summer? There is no way Guardiola will want to ruin his career signing on with them, every manager thats tried to play how Roman wants has quickly been fired, the replacement comes in and makes them hard to beat....and then he is fired. Yes, they are successful but they will never build for the future, it is for today and today alone.

    Jose Mourihno has riled up LFC fans over the years but it is just banter, if he came to LFC would he be booed? I dont think so, though I undestand he is recognised as the superior manager. I just don't understand how they can be so childish to attack him like that? They have hooked in a manager who converted LFC from 37pts behind top spot to a champions league winner, champions league regular and even nearly nicked the title. The guy won back to back La ligas fighting against Ronaldihno inspired Barcelonas and the infamous Madrid galcticos plus a uefa cup! Who did they expect to get mid season?!

    Rant over.....I hope Rafa gets Torres firing and wins the league then steals the trophy and drops it off at Anfield, its probably the only way we will get our hands on one but it will do me fine :) YNWA Rafa, probably the hardest working football manager in the world.

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    • Certainly. Let's agree whenever we talk about history we must use the following terms:

      Great Chelsea Recent History
      Great Liverpool Ancient History

      You're quite right.


    • True, he'll carry on regardless I'm sure and I suppose his intentions for the club are generally good in trying to turn them into some super club. He is certainly very demanding. On your two points

      1. I guess I was poking the fire a bit there.He would almost be admitting he was wrong by reappointing Mourinho (we'd have a field day) and I've no doubt Mourinho's already inflated ego would reach at least 50lbs/sq in. If it happened after directly after Benites the opportunities for increasing that to at least 75 lbs/sq in. are enormous.

      2. Officially I meant. There's no doubt he's already some kind of closet manager. Fantasy Footy for the big boys.

    • I think you might change great chelsea history to great chelsea recent history :-)

    • 1. There have ben many rumours of Mourinho possibly coming back to Chelsea. Some have even been encouraged by stuff that Mourinho has said and done. Of course, 99.9..% of rumours are just crud, but maybe it could happen.

      2. Are you alleging he hasn't?

      I don't suppose he did bat an eyelid about how the fans would react. I don't suppose he cares now. I predict he will carry on doing things his own way and the fans will on the whole be happy. The fans venting over Benitez is but a minor blip in the great Chelsea History.


    • That's the crux of it. I also think the attractiveness of the job is dwindling and the financial cost is rising. How long before we see:

      1. Roman ask Maureen back?

      2. He puts himself in as manager?

      thinking about it though. Benitez may be a bit of a hypocrit (if your quotes are true) but Roman is the problem here. He fired Di Matteo and brought in Benitez without even batting an eyelid about how the fans think of it.

    • I dont think it is fair to blame someone for a comment that nobody has any evidence he ever said? If you can't prove somebody said something, they didn't say it, just ask Clattenberg.

      The Gary Neville thing is really an irrelevance, he isn't a manager, perhaps Alex Ferguson, David Moyes, Jose Mourinho would be better examples, we have a 'banter villainy' of them, they have been our enemies and rivals whilst being full of remarks over the years, we wouldn't boo them or hold up signs though if the increasingly hypothetical scenario were to arise for them to take over.

      Fair enough, at least you have your reasons, whether they are real or not ;) It is however, completely pointless, the best you can hope for is Benitez to be fired or quit before his contract ends in May, that gives you the dilemna of finding a new interim, interim manager to tide you over to the next candidate, whoever that poor sod is, I think the attractiveness of the job is dwindling rapidly.

    • I can imagine Benitez using "crap" yes. But then I haven't listened to him nearly as much as you probably have so maybe he wouldn't. It doesn't change the principle of the thing.

      I don't listen to Talksport. The Neville example I thought all by my little self. It's an obvious example of someone who has annoyed the Liverpool faithful. The question of his managerial credentials is neither nor there to my argument. The point was someone who would wind you up appearing in your colours.

      I don't see any problem in booing Benitez but not Big Brother. It's Benitez I/we don't like. If Chelsea go to play at Anfield and Benitez picks John Terry, I imagine the Kop, in their infinite wisdom, will boo JT because they decide to but not Benitez because he picked him to play. I don't see a difference. Target the abuse at the one you don't like rather than his selector.

      The Andy Carroll example is missing the target. I agree it's not Carroll's fault you overpaid for him and he shouldn't be targetted for it. He's done nothing wrong. But in my/our eyes, Benitez has and that's why the focus is on him. Roman's let off because (i) he buys us presents every week and he'll sack Benitez soon enough and (ii) he's Russian so we're scared of him.



    • Can you ever imagine Rafa Benitez using the word 'crap'? I doubt very much that is true and if nobody has any statements of him saying it then it has to be nonsense.

      I think you have been paying too much attention to Talksport's phone ins! They used the Gary Neville example and its nonsense. Gary played for our rivals for 18 years, celebrating in our faces and claiming his hatred for Liverpool on numerous occasions, he isn't a manager either. Of course I wouldn't like a United player to get his first job at Liverpool but it might be different had a manager with La liga and Champions league titles to his name. The question is a bit like asking "would you like it if Uday Hussein became your manager", he isn't a manager either.

      Yes, that probably was a simplistic comment, we all air our concerns but once the whistle blows we support our team and managers, if they make bad decisions then there will be groans but you have to give them the opportunity to do so surely?!

      You say "do we have to be sheep?", but they are because they aren't questioning the people who make the firing and hiring decisions, they are booing the person they appointed. It is a bit like us booing Andy Carroll for not being world class instead of complaining about the club spending that much on him, instead we supported him and questioned the owners, as we should!

    • So maybe it's in Roman you trust or the super fan. But if you trust him why not at least respect his current choice for manager.

    • Roman owns the club and can do what he likes. So far what he likes has produced a lot of stuff that the fans like too. I imagine that will continue. I don't think he does care very much for what the fans think but that doesn't bother me because he is the number one fan. He is Superfan.

      Maybe it's all a clever distraction to stop people talking about racism for a while.


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