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  • Jason Jason Nov 28, 2012 20:45 Flag

    Last Year it was the Bar..

    This year, it's the air, or oxygen if you like...

    Through 15", Henderson has been played through and caused a mixup at the back leaving him with a wide open net which he misses completely wide of everything.. I suppose we're fortunate he didn't hit the post. That would have made it 1-1 on a fairly decent balance of play..

    Down 2-0, around 20" Suarez gets Enrique into a great position, who takes his chance completely wide of the net where a well taken shot could have perhaps at least hit Lloris or perhaps the bar as well..

    It's not the fact so much that I'm upset with the scoreline, because Bale, to no surprise, is at his world class unstoppable best, and Glenda showed up today instead of Glen Johnson, and I can see perfect reasoning for starting Downing against Lennon, but it's the fact that we have players very well capable enough of wearing EPL shirts, playing for 20 years of their life, kicking a ball every day, and wearing an LFC shirt and they simply can't kick a round ball into a wide open FCUKING NET!

    What is the problem? I've seen that Liverpool have appointed a Dr. Peters to join the medical staff on a 1 time a week basis, and it turns out that he is a sports psychiatrist. My first prognosis would be to lock every single player in the first team squad in a room with him for 24 hours straight, doing very elaborate and extensive psychiatric and scientific practices to help them all overcome their fear of shooting and scoring, which would mainly consist of kicking the ball..

    I've read about this practice being donw in parts of Sweden and Russia, with some very good results..

    Quite honestly, the effort, the build up play, the passing, the ideas and the creativity are there, and these guys, Gerrard included (who also gave a peach of a pass to Bale in midfield for a 2 v 1 with Defoe fortunately resulting in nothing) simply can't even hit the goal keeper, let alone the spaces around him, god forbid the emptiness should he be sat in a chair drinking a Carlsberg and not polishing his gloves because they're spotless ..

    I'm done with my rant, but I'm also done with a couple of these players.. I've stood behind him as much as I could, he's got himself into the starting lineup two weeks in a row, and two weeks in a row Jordan Henderson has missed two wonderfully crafted chances.. I've been done with Downing, and why he's playing LB today I'll never know and if my hero, Gerrard is going to continue with sloppy giveaways, shots miles wide of the target, and his specialty, corners, not even hitting anyone in the box, then I see no reason why he shouldn't get a spot to view the action to reflect on things where perhaps Shelvey, Sahin, Suso could do something..

    And, sadly amidst all my criticism and sarcasm here, the balance of the overall play dictates that it could very well be 2-2, or more.. enough is enough. I don't care who it is, how much he costs be it 1$ US dollar, or 50M pounds, find someone who's not a mental trainwreck like some of these players are becoming, and place the ball into the back of the goddamn net!

    Last year people said hitting the wood work was bad luck, yes, after 7, 8 , 9 times sure.. 31 times is astonishingly bad aim and bad habit.. And now, they can't hit a target bigger than some cars, it's not physical, it's mental and they need to stare in the mirror long and hard because this isn't acceptable to one single person associated with the club or fan base..

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    • Agreed, it's kinda what I said. He is a good player, could be a really good player but he will never suit what we are trying to do, though we are putting more and more crosses in lately which seems strange. When he went to West Ham I think a lot of LFC fans thought, he will score bucket loads the way they play, but it just has not happened. He will score his fair share by the end of the season but there is no future at LFC for him unless in some weird fashion we end up with another manager change, something that I cant see in the foreseeable future.

    • With all the intentions in the world of not ruining the premise of this thread, and clearly my fault for mentioning his name, with all that said, and understood about losing money etc. does it really matter to us, or the owners anymore at this point?

      If they really really valued him, or thought there was something there, and I suspect alot here will doubt their player involvement, which I say in good confidence is wrong, would they have allowed him to go away so easily, and still be dismissed? Emphatically, NO. Otherwise, they'd have considered Kenny much more in having another year to get more from him and the other buys, who are slowly but surely all disappearing..

      While he is very important to what West Ham do, and they're ahead of us now, is that really, really what any of us want in a striker, or for our style of play? All the credit to west ham for being where they are, and surely looking to avoid any conversation of a drop this year, but if it were Sam at Blackburn, or even Pulis at Stoke, and he were there, would we be saying or expecting anything less? No..

      To date, that's 6 league goals in 60 somewhat games, and in a team that 110% plays to accommodate through him.. And yes, I've seen other players score as a result of his occasional hold up play or flick ons, which is very good for them, but I counter that with saying I've lost count with how many players I've seen not score with some of Suarez, beautiful, stunning skill putting things on a plate, and they don't even hit the target. For whatever amount of goals Kevin Nolan has.. Gerrard is sitting on 1, the same as our next most prolific scorer, and best header of the ball this year and last, Martin Skrtel (last year is a fact, 4 headed goals to 3)..

      So I continued on with him, with no intentions of it, and I truly think some are never going to let go, but I can assure 2 emphatic things.. if we had 2 more wins, through 2 incorrect goals waved off, or just 2 other players, we're 6 points higher, same squad and foaming at the mouth to get in more players in January, not talking about pony tail. Second, he's not coming back, not scoring even 10 goals, and if the right players come in to support Suarez, giving us goals and 3 points, we're also never talking about him, and "what if" or "he needs more time".

      If he needed more time, than so did Roy Hodgson.. both resulting in end product of very little, nor football nobody outside of West Ham, Stoke or Blackburn care to see. And yes both are higher in the table, 1 point and 3 points.. I personally don't expect to see it end that way.. if not, then let's sack BR, hire Allardyce or approach Pulis, bring him back from loan, and put on a show at Anfield next season like it was the 70s and 80s all over again..

    • Carroll scored his first goal in the 3-1 defeat to Spurs, he didn't know much about it though. he is really important to the way they play though and is doing a good job for them. He does a bit of a Felaini holding it up. We don't want him back and to be fair, it seems laughable that West Ham were going to give us £17m let alone the crazy numbers we put up.

    • Yes it seems we have a bad case of the Downings. Andy Carroll too who only just got his first West Ham goal the other night.

      The Henderflops is a completely different affliction to the Downings. With this one people look vacant.

      The Gerrard Hics is yet another condition and a very troublesome one to boot. Very similar to the yips in golf. Basically any pass of 10 yards or so results in an involuntary twitch resulting in the ball going to the opposition. No problem booming a 40 yarder but the little ones gets em.

      Allen I have sympathy for. In short he's playing with a bunch of midfielders who aren't up to his standard in playing the short game. And yes I include Gerrard in that.

    • Nope, no sarcasm whatsoever..

      Cavani has 14 goals in all comp this season, 83 in 112 matches with Napoli, and chasing Maradona's record of 115..

      Does Andy really even have a goal? It's an honest question, I didn't think he did, and to be completely honest again, at one point, while I can't quote it directly, I heard some terribly embarassing stat, that he had gone something like X amount of matches and minutes with West Ham without even putting a single shot on target with either one of his 2 feet..

      I'm very sorry for anyone who takes offense to my little jibe at him, it wasn't necessarily warranted for this thread, but I'm also sorry that there may be anyone out there who is still clutching to him coming good, even having him on board as a plan B, because he plays 90" week in and week out of PLAN A+++ x infinity at West Ham, and if causing defenders a bit of trouble is "coming good", then that's were Liverpool have really dropped their standards. Also, food for thought, Suarez has been scoring goals as a starter, it's the others around him who haven't, so it's not like we've been needing to pull him and go to a plan B because he's been bang in form, and would anyone here sanction a plan B who is on 50,60 70K a week wages to get 4 mins?

      Clearly Rodgers loaned him out because he thought he was getting Dempsey, and or perhaps Sturridge, as it was stipulated here in the states the day of and after the fact, AND he does not want him. He's already said he's not taking him back in January, so I suppose I apologize to myself for bringing up his name..

      Moving on, Dave, to answer your question, speaking strictly from a medical perspective.. since this affliction that Colyn has aptly named the "Downings", which I may even call the "Hendoersons", has affected nearly our entire starting 11 and some reserves, it seems as if it could be airborn, and already in everyone's system, case in point with Torres, but Andy already born with it, so quarantine at this point would be in vain..

      All seriousness.. I have to wonder if that Dr. Peters, the sports psychiatrist they brought in on a once a week basis, was strictly for this matter because aside from alot of youth perhaps having some potential issues such as Sterling and Suso, I can't see any other reason for his presence aside from players sitting on his couch crying, with tissues, how at night the tooth fairy dangles an open net above their head, with balls (keep it clean) flying every which way, but into that darn, ENORMOUS BASKET..

      I had to consult with a nurse earlier today for a truly sick, skin wound, and we found a solution, but I've no clue what to do about this case of the "Downings".. I suppose my next fear is that a fan in the stands is going to get hurt soon..

      On a side note, I notice a little lashing at Allen.. I think he's been wonderful up until just lately, and I think people aren't considering that he's just 22, he's 5'6, and that he's played nearly every game worth playing and mixed it up with players much bigger, stronger and faster than he is, so perhaps fatigue could be taken into consideration for him? He's not exactly Yaya Toure or Patrick Viera.. I really fear for Borini when he returns.. get Dr. Peters on the line asap!

    • Hello Armie, your back (pun intended)

      Check the PL goal scoring stats. Suarez is right up there. You are right that we're in the poo if we lose him at the moment unless Yesil or Morgan take a big step up.

      Everyone seems to think that Bent is a good choce for us. I'm not so sure. Torres is a cooked goose IMO. Look at the way he's currently playing with that Chelsea midfield.

    • No I don't think so. The cure is either through technology that Lance Armstrong would be happy with i.e. drug the ball so it goes in when touched by a Liverpool player or do the same with the goals.

      A sniper in the Kop targetting the opposition goalie might not be a bad idea but I don't think Tony Pulis would like that much.

    • Just to throw a cat amongst the pigeons Colin. If we are a one trick pony why are we still creating chances? We're not sticking them in the onion bag that's the problem. With the benefit of hind sight for me Carroll wouldn't have worked. True it's bearing almost on suicide to have the strike force we do have but for me I'm not convinced by Carroll at all. He's only just got his first West Ham goal remember. Other teams have had scored more own goals fo us than that. They've also scored more than every Liverpool player in the league except Suarez. GULP.

      We have a bad case of the Downings

    • I'm not against Bent coming in Sofa, but I don't think we should see him as a savior for our goal woes. Rather if he or a player like him would be a back up for Suarez rather than a partner, and or an impact player to come on if we're chasing a game.

      Personally i'd rather we went for a player that can play across the front 3 and is a real goal threat. I'm sure that is who BR is targeting, but its a question is there a player like that out there within our January budget.

      But because this thread is so dominated by the pessimistic, how about a happy thought. Just maybe part of our issues will be solved by two returning players. First a certain Italian who was never really given enough time to settle and prove himself before injury took him out of the reckoning. And, with Lucas back to anchor the midfield, could we get more freedom from the other midfielders who are more likely to get into the box and contribute some goals?

    • Colin think that maybe part of the reason, but surely you understand that there were other things BR saw in Carroll's game that did not fit his system.

      Yes BR does not want players to waste possession with half chances and would rather keep the ball, but he also wants player who can quickly and fluidly move the ball around the park, which right or wrong he did not see in Andy. Additionally like him or not, Carroll is not the kind of player who can naturally play across the front 3 which again is something I think BR was looking for.

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