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  • Paddy Paddy Nov 29, 2012 10:05 Flag

    Current Situation

    Hi Destiny

    I couldn't agree more.

    I guess the point is what do we do now that we are in the position we are.

    My vote is to keep backing him over the next six games and see where we are.

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    • I wonder..

      That when Rafa leaves Chelsea, will he become LFC manager for the 2nd time?

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      • No, well I certainly hope not.

        I think Chelsea, despite in many ways being a no lose job may be the end. I say no lose but if the results continue as they have done I'm sure Abramovich's patience will be stretched and Benitez will come out of it with little left of any reputation he had.

        It could of course go completely the other way and give Abramovich something to think about next Summer before he tries to woo Guardiola. It wouldn't surprise me if Guardiola said "no" by the way.

        Either way I cat see and I hope we don't see him back at Anfield or your new 80,000 seat stadium built for the cost a bacon sarnie and a chocolate digestive. With a mug of tea of course

    • Sorry guys I have to completely disagree.

      When Rafa is given money things go better, to a point. there's plenty of examples of bad spending during his time. But when things start to get tough things start to unravel including his relationship with club owners and the board etc.

      So far Rodgers has been given a monstrous task with relavtively limited funds (compared to what is actualy needed). I would seriously challenge almost all managers to do much better. We are at fault because we continue to believe that just because we are Liverpool we should be near the top of the table. The reality is after years and years of mismanagement the squad is very very bare. We do very well to still attract players of the quality of Suarez etc.

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      • Hey Noo Noo

        I disagree with your analysis.

        Of course there are examples of bad buys under Rafa (aren't there under any manager who stays any length of time) but the point about things going tough is wide of the mark in my opinion. In seven years things went tough for the last two (when the owners started treating the club as a cash-cow). The last year of that seven year reign ended in a disasterous league position of 7th. That was without any investment from the previous 2 years. 7th.

        BR has had money to spend (more than most in the division) on top of a number of very good players in the squad he inherited and we've gone backwards not forwards. Do you seriously think that no other manager could have gotten us off to a better start this season with those resources? Do you think the likes of West Brom, West Ham, Swansea, Stoke & Fulham had better resources at the start of the season?

        I'm happy to keep supporting BR but he needs to be accountable for our worst start to a season in donkeys years.