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  • ROB ROB Nov 30, 2012 15:16 Flag

    Current Situation

    Guys the way I see it is that FSG don't want to spend any more and the reason BR was chosen over any top flight manager is that they don't want a manager in who wants to spend and build a team but one who will do it with minimum amount ie sell before buying. BR must have bought into this policy to be given the job.
    What we needed was a manager with a pot and experience of handling big teams. As I have said before they want to be Arsenal with LFC badge.
    That is imho

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    • After reading all your comments I would not give BR any money to spend in January as I think he will be gone come the end of the season. In my mind he is no way a Liverpool manager never has been and never will be. Some of his decisions he makes are simply crazy. No matter what anybody says we a a big club in need of a big manager and of course some spending money.

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      • Er, I beg to differ.

        So what will you do come say February if we haven't bought anyone and Suarez gets injured? We need players in through the door no matter who the manager is.

        Secondly get over the big club thing. Yes we have more earning and spending power than most but we certainly aren't acting or playing like a big club at the moment. Why? Because the club was so badly run for years and the squad is seriously missing quality and depth. Rodgers hasn't had much chance to try and rectify that yet.

      • Sorry but for me that is a ludicrous position to take. If you really think it’s not worth giving BR any money in Jan because he'll be gone at the end of the season then the axe should fall now. If not BR should be given as much as the club can afford to get as close to what he's asking for.

        There is a definite correlation between what a club spends and how it performs on the pitch. While money spent cannot guarantee success (although the biggest spenders are the most successful), cutting off funding will guarantee failure. So what you’re suggesting is tantamount to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

        Either you back Rogers, given him what he asks for, and then see if he can get the job done, or you make the decision that he's already failed, and replace him now.