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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Nov 29, 2012 00:15 Flag

    64 teams in the CL?????

    Curious what people think of the latest nutty idea being considered by the geniuses at FIFA.

    I can see pros and cons.

    One big pro would be spreading more dosh around to more clubs. Could only be good for the development of the game and add a bit of variety to the comp.

    I also understand why the football purists might be against the idea, undermining the standard and prestige attached to qualifying and/or lifting it...

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    • I expect it's UEfA rather than FIFA, isn't it?

      You could double the teams while only having two more matches if you double the number of groups and have 32 in the knockout round. Or you could have the same number of games if you made the first two knockout rounds one leg only. So it might not mean extra fixture congestion. But neither of those would improve it in my view.

      I agree with those who have said it was better when it was just the champions of the European countries rather than everyone, although of course the current league model is probably better for the big countries.


    • And we still probably wouldnt get back in it :)
      It is a 2 sided tale really, firstly the Europa league is only watched by people who are in it or people who are very bored on a thursday night, the champions league does already suffer a fair few minnows. There is an argument that you would like to see as a neutral Stoke vs Barcelona or WBA vs Real Madrid but perhaps a little bit of the prestige might be taken away from it. Saying that, it has to be better then Hapoel tel aviv vs FC Nordstealland or whatever they are called.

      The moment the champions league stopped being the 'champions only' league the goalposts were moved so maybe this is a good step to prevent Real Madrid's crazy dream of a european power league.

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      • Actually it is probably splatter and platitude's next move in their attempt to wrest control away from the domestic authorities and get the "super league" concept back up and running.
        Teams 5, 6, 7 and maybe 8 in PL are offered "Champions League" status. How hard is that going to be to turn down?
        64 teams = how many games?
        How can we possibly fit them all in?
        Hmmm... maybe have to reduce the number of domestic games?
        Oh yes, say the lesser teams, anything to get us in the "champions league."

    • Hi Abu

      I guess it's a logical step (an extension of the current european league by another name).

      I prefer the system of only the league champions and holders qualify (2005 - I know) but those days have long since gone. Given that, it makes sense to scrap the Europe league and extend the CL in my opinion.

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      • This proposal would mean even more pointless games in the CL than already.

        The proposals seem very vague, from what I can find.

        Would there be double the number of 4 team leagues and then more KO stages to go through?

        Would the 4 team leagues be expanded to 8 so twice as many league games?

        I agree the Europa Cup is dead; a lot of clubs don't take it seriously and play weakened teams but some of that dross would come into the CL and just become fodder in some games.