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  • Hobitez Hobitez Nov 29, 2012 11:10 Flag

    Team to face Southampton?

    So, same old, same old, great performance and stitched by decisions, never mind, we move on. I think Assaidi and Shelvey proved that they deserve a start over Henderson and Downing, I guess Suso will probably come back into contention too. Think we will win this one and do it well.


    Subs: Jones, Carragher, Wisdom, Sahin, Henderson, Cole, Downing

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    • Sounds like Lucas is starting, bit risky if you ask me but fingers crossed he has a good game.

    • Sorry Jase... I'm injured.

      I can't understand why the same team was fielded against Tottenham as it was Swansea, and a lot of those guys played against Young Boys as well. Seems to be illogical when Rodgers him self said about utilising the squad and we have players like Sahin, Suso, Shelvey and Wisdom back from Injury sat on the bench. As a result I can only assume he will field exactly the same team again.

      If were up to me I'd try something like this to inject some energy.


      Jones, Enrique, Sterling, Allen, Pacheco, Lucas, Carra

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      • Sorry about your injury.. I guess there really is something in that Left Back spot and Aurelios...

        Anyways, more serious..

        We need to take the game to Southampton from the first whistle, and not let off until the final whistle.. This said, I'm hoping very much for the return of Wisdom, which I'd be willing to bet on, and Johnson on the left, who I think at times looks twice the player he is there, especially with rotating w/ Jose.
        Unfortunately, unless Jordan racked up a couple hattricks in practice, I just can't see him starting, and that's a shame because I think and believe Joe Allen needs a rest big time. I think Gerrard, if he listens and stays disciplines can put in a fine game deep, and I know some may view Sahin as lightweight, he sometimes plays a very quiet but steady game, and can be a holding mid who's able to control the ball and distribute, where others are tackling machines and sweepers.

        Also thinking Sterling needs a rest.. I think several do, but unfortunately there's only so many who can at the moment, and Udinese is such an important match, which I can only see 2 results.. I'll with hold them until we get closer. For now, let's win this one and do it emphatically. And please if there's a god above, if Southampton are going to score, please don't let it be Gaston Ramirez.. I'm still chapped about him, and he's a player we need wide in January.. He was significantly injured for a bit, so his numbers aren't as bad as they suggest, and he's looked good so far, but that time came and went..


        Jones, Allen, Jordan, Downing, Carra, Lucas, Sterling

    • Rather than distract from the serious business of us all fighting fo our best position in this weekends critical Southampton game I thought report here, on a different branch.

      Eurosport are reporting that Lucas has made the matchday squad.

      While I'm not expecting any playing time that's still good news indeed.

    • -----------------Dave-------------

      Subs: Suso, Sterling & 5 fans from the KOP..

      Final Score: 6-0