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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Nov 29, 2012 13:14 Flag

    ticka takka = tippy tappy

    Hate to get all morose and depressed but can't help thinking Buck is making us into the Arsenal of a few years ago who insisted in trying to walk the ball in.Teams know now put a bank of 4/5 across the front of the box and LFC will try to pass through you.The "killer"pass only needs to be 6 inches off and hey presto defender gets it and away they go.
    We over the years have struck some very good goals from outside the box, but with the exception of Shelvey no one seems to want to try.Orders from the management or lack of confidence?
    And if Bucky ever reads these( only joking)STOP PUTTING ROUND PEGS IN SQUARE HOLES. The reason Downing doesn't play fullback is because he can't defend.Paisley once said the role of a defender is to defend,anything else is a bonus.
    And finally, I hope to god Lucas comes back fully fit and raring to go, because I think we miss him more than we would miss our out of sorts captain at the moment
    And his first job is to show Allen how to tackle!

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    • I think Tika Taka would work if we had the right players to employ it..

      Thing is Rodgers is as you say "putting square pegs into round holes".. Then again KD did the same thing in his last tenure here.

      We need players who can unlock another teams defences and deliver good passes to the attackers.. we haven't players who can do that.. Gerrard once could but he's too slow now..

      We're also quickly becoming predictable.

      Hence our league position and form..

    • btw...happy to see Enrique played forward but extremely unhappy with Buckys decision to attempt to convert Downing into a left back.As is likely Downing will be gone come JAN then surely it is a better decision to continue in the vein this season so far has headed that of giving youth its head and getting someone else in at left back or continue with Enrique in his left back position and play Assaidi on a more regular basis ? Shelvy is mustard can shoot from distance is poweful andcan get the shot on target ...only some exceptional saves have stopped him getting on the score sheet recently. He scored some marvellous goals from distance when he was loaned to Blackpool and imo came back from that loan spell a very much improved player.
      We need to mix it up but sometimes this can prove difficult if u players are being kept rigidly to a particular game plan particularly when there is no evident Plan B ? I think it isnt a lack of confidence in shooting ability these lads atre all top pros its on instruction from BR ...he wants it walked into the net eg dont waste any possession problem is all our opposition KNOW how to set up to combat this tactic...we need to mix it up !