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  • Paddy Paddy Nov 30, 2012 09:27 Flag

    brendan please shut the hell up

    100% agree.

    I've been banging on since the guy was appointed. He talks a good game and seems to have lots of friends in the media but the bottom line is what is happening on the pitch.

    His job is to get the best out of what he has and, in my opinion, he hasn't done that.

    Kenny (or DC, or both) spunked lots of cash on mediocre players and none but the most optimistic expected BR to get us into the top 4 this season. But - we've gone backwards not forwards and that is down to BR.

    He has a chance in the next six games to get us on a run. If not we'll be facing a relegation battle until the end of the season and that is unacceptable with the squad he inherited.

    Time for less talking and more action.

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    • I'm not sure what people would like him to say. Not talking with the press is not an option as all managers are obliged to.

      Is he lying or making things up? We dominate games create chances but don't score enough, is that not a fair summary of what BR says and what most keep saying on here.

      Is it the positive tone people don't like? Would they prefer the doom and gloom of Roy which saw the players heads sink lower and lower each week?

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      • dsteer...yes u and I are defo on the same page here...a mmanager cannot make confidence destroying statements where the players are concerned ...think about Mr Shankly...if u won u beat a strong side a fine side if u lost u lost to...rubbish....I am in support of BR come what may even in the face of a relegation dog fight. One season isnt enough to drag us out of the mire and get us heading back to the top. Again I say whoever was responsible for the transfer window debacle leaving us with no real strike force should carry the can...I dont think it was BR's fault I think in hindsight he would NEVER have let Andy C go if he knew he would not have been able to sign a more than adequate replacement.BUT someone was to blame and the club defo should not be paying that mans wages and shouldnt have been since the transfer window slammed shut. My support is with BR 100% unless it can be proven he was solely responsible for the transfer window debacle and if that is the case it is clear we cannot trust his judgement and he should be gone.

      • stop spinning steerage
        i think TRUE LFC fand want rodgers to firstly say, we are crap and not doing good enough and thats down to me and the players and we will sort it out
        then get results so he dosent have to say all the bloux with no improvement week on week
        thats the answer
        you can paint whatever picture you like but TRUE fans realise its not good enough for LFC, FACT.
        those who accept his spin are those that will always spout it...AKA YOu and all the other wannabe plastics that have never even been to anfield

      • dee it seems as if he has the liverpool PR machine standing behind him feeding him the answers he thinks the fans want to hear its a little disrespectful to the 45k that turn up at anfield every other week when the best he can come up with is the pre-programmed analysis
        "we dominated the game " "we didn,t get what we deserved" and "i thought the boys were fantastic today" and there are others you can bet this week after southampton he will use these statements

        brendan rodgers is just another yes man for the yanks how many managers would have stood back and put up with the dempsey debarcle if that had of been rafa or dalglish they would have laid blame directly at the owners and not at fulham for asking an extra 1 million pound after all its what clubs do supply and demand

      • Hey Dave

        It is actually the positive tone that is getting to me. Or at least maybe a lack of balance in what the guy says.

        I want him to acknowledge that our results so far this season are unacceptable and that he takes responsibility for it. I don't want him 'spinning' the current situation to me (e.g. anything above 7th would be fantastic).

        Allowing for the squad he inherited & the money he was given the bottom line is that we should not be 4pts off relegation. I'd like to hear some acknowledgment & ownership of that so at least I can believe he understands it.

      • Dave, appreciate he has to talk to media, but confidence must be ebbing away each week, Even SG is not playing as he can,
        We had a problem last season that we kept hitting the woodwork so needed a good finisher up front, but instead of building on that we are at a worse place this season.
        Our passing play was coming on under KD and yes I agree that his policy to have all British players backfired.
        But when the manager comes in and is told you have no money to buy new players, his priority should be to try and do what he can with players he has not come in and start dismantling the team (not until you can afford to).
        Dave could you run a business like this??