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  • Paddy Paddy Dec 4, 2012 17:13 Flag

    brendan please shut the hell up

    I think I posted somewhere before that a pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist - it's all about your perspective and point of view.

    You think you're more realistic than me which is fair enough but at least recognise that actually you might be being optimistic and maybe I am the one being realistic.

    I always understood that our club wasn't going to get into the CL spot this year (I think most fans did even if our owners did not). The difference is that I don't think that 4 points off of a relegation spot come the end of November represents a reasonable return. As I've posted quite a few times it's my view that BR has had rather more resources at his disposal than a number of clubs above us in the table. You disagree which is fine.

    Let's hope that come the end of the season this is a meaningless argument because BR has us up in 7th/8th. If he does, then I'll consider that a decent first season.