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  • Robert M Robert M Nov 30, 2012 13:47 Flag

    brendan please shut the hell up

    I think the point is that you can claim to be the better team occasionally when you don't get the right result, but not every week. At the end of it all, the better team is the one that scores the most goals, not the one that makes the most passes, has the most possession, hits the woodwork the most, runs the most miles or has the most waffly manager.


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    • I completely agree and understand the point. LFC's website has a link to opta stats and it puts them up for every game, I think it came in to place about the time we became a losing side so that we could find some respite!
      I think it is probably fair comment that we would be better off points-wise this season if we still had Maxi, Kuyt and Bellamy but they were clearly released on the principal of being replaced. It doesnt matter how you control the handle, if your knife is blunt it won't be cutting much!

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      • You're right, a blunt knife won't cut well. But you can still bludgeon the opposition with it. Maybe you need Sam Allardyce.

        Actually, that's what Chelsea needs at the moment. A bit more bludgeon.


      • HOBS...said it myself in previous posts but got back the riposte from many that we couldnt hold on to two of them for homesickness reasons and the other cos he wanted a guarantee of starting. Sometimes a club has to be ruthless and if the players are contracted then hold them to nthe contract come what may . All 3 were proven goalscorers and had also mplenty nof assist stats. I think had we kept them to mtheir contracts yes we would be in a better position in EPL than we are right now...again the fact that we didnt as a club hold them to their contracts or adequately replace them exposes weak mlinks in the administrative chain ...so why are those weak links still with us ???

    • Robert...what about when the result of the match is a draw ? Does it mean u cant legitimately claim to have been the better team ?