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  • John John Nov 29, 2012 20:23 Flag

    brendan please shut the hell up

    me personally i am sick of hearing how we "dominated the game" i hate to break the bad news to this great manager dominating games without scoring is just completely pointless

    so we are 14 games in with 16 points thats a third of the season gone based on that and the simpliest of maths come the end of the season 48 points maybe

    not good enough

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    • ...well said Johnny.....hows it goin' fella..??

      its all spin and bolux, points on the board is what counts, get ready for the leaner darker years...

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      • all good mate hows things at your end ?

        its all smoke and mirrors with brendan he says what the fans want to hear he blows smoke up there asses and week after week they accept it

        so people are probably wondering why all of a sudden am i sick of rodgers after 14 games

        twice in less than a week he has stated " i have funds and will be adding to the squad to in january to improve what i have already got"

        the very next day "i may wait until the summer transfer window to add players as the group we have only needs slight improvement"

        then theres the "we dominated the game thought we deserved more" line which he regurgitates every week

        as i have previously said domination is useless without goals

    • 100% agree.

      I've been banging on since the guy was appointed. He talks a good game and seems to have lots of friends in the media but the bottom line is what is happening on the pitch.

      His job is to get the best out of what he has and, in my opinion, he hasn't done that.

      Kenny (or DC, or both) spunked lots of cash on mediocre players and none but the most optimistic expected BR to get us into the top 4 this season. But - we've gone backwards not forwards and that is down to BR.

      He has a chance in the next six games to get us on a run. If not we'll be facing a relegation battle until the end of the season and that is unacceptable with the squad he inherited.

      Time for less talking and more action.

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      • I'm not sure what people would like him to say. Not talking with the press is not an option as all managers are obliged to.

        Is he lying or making things up? We dominate games create chances but don't score enough, is that not a fair summary of what BR says and what most keep saying on here.

        Is it the positive tone people don't like? Would they prefer the doom and gloom of Roy which saw the players heads sink lower and lower each week?

    • To be honest, all his press conferences seem a joy to me after Dalglish's strangely defiant ones and watching Roy scratch himself to bits. He does seem to be really happy with performances whether we win, lose or draw, if anything he seems happier when we lose! In this particular example, I think he is right, a lot of people comment on it without watching the game and we were dominant and unlucky though made it a mountain after that opening 16 minutes.

      At the end of the day he is probably running out of things to say, he can't build his own finishers and nothing has changed in terms of the recruitment between Aug 31st and now, all he can do is work on improving the collective, the organisation and the tactics which is what he is doing and doing well. What would you prefer him to say? If he come out and said we were beaten by the better team, he would be wrong because on the day we were better, I think that is widely agreed upon.

    • You want the lfc manager to say something no manager in the league would say, so why make absurd suggestions if you can't advocate what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Yes managers take responsibility and so has BR, but how many fall on the sword which it seems your asking him to do. You've said he deserves 2 years, so why ask him to read out his own obituary

      On your question one the you have note is that he did not inherit the same squad plus 25m. The squad lost a number of senior players most of which were out of BRs control.

      My question is rhetorical . I assume KD got the axe becaused he was tasked with getting into the top 4 immediately and was given the funds to do so. But was BR given the same brief (without as much cash) or was he tasked with getting back to the top 4 over 2 or 3 seasons on a smaller budget by buying (or promoting from within the club) younger players who could build a team for years to come not just the next season or so.

    • Sorry Dave - now you're making things up.

      Where have I said he needs to fall on his sword? I don't want him sacked or want him to resign. I want him to stop telling me that things are great or that our expectations should be jack sh*t. I want him to take the responsibility that the job entails. Why is that unreasonable?

      Also I note you didn't answer the question I posed?

    • the truth would be nice if we were crap then say it if we were superb then say it if we lost don,t bemoan missed opportunities hold your hands up and say they were better than us if we draw tell us why not the usual we dominated but didn,t get what we deserved if we win be positive praise the players for doing a job

      and for feck sake stop telling fans one thing then contradicting it in the next days papers or on sky sports

      just be honest

    • PS, no don't think I am actually. Here's what you said you want BR to say:

      "I want him to acknowledge that our results so far this season are unacceptable and that he takes responsibility for it."

      I inferred as you don't mind what he says from your earlier post that you want him to say/admit this with a negative tone, and obviously not spin things.

      So basically you’re asking BR to say it’s all his fault, or in other words, tell everyone he's no good as a manager, or as I said to fall on the sword, as I can’t image any manager would have a tenable position after making such a statement.

      As for your question, I did not directly answer it, but did address it. I don't accept he's taken the same squad plus 25M backward simply because it’s obviously not the same squad when several senior players left the club.

    • ...steerage
      once a qunt, always a qunt....

      you cant even answer a straight question with a straight answer
      you are such a co ck

    • Dave

      Plenty of managers say they have got things wrong and stay in their jobs. Him accepting responsibility for results isn't a weakness in my book even if you think it is.

      You seem to have side-stepped the question so let me try again.

      Given the squad he inherited and £25m do you think our points tally and position represent an under or over achievement?

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