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  • Jason Jason Nov 30, 2012 23:58 Flag

    Transfers from this side of the pool..

    The swimming pool, that is..

    Obviously silly season is starting to pick up steam with it's usual bullsh*t, and I'm not getting into it like I did this summer, or 2 years ago January where I nearly tore my hair out..

    That said, we have the obvious nonsensical rubbish from the dailymail, telegraph, guardian and those brainiacs at talksport, and of course on my side, givemefootball, bleacherreport and goal.... all who know less than Gary S knows how to spell..

    The irony is, aside from the stupid sites I listed from my side, the transfer news usually keeps pretty quiet in regards to what's said on tv, but this year it seems to be bizarre that some of our tv personalites that cover the matches, including Warren Barton, Eric Wynalda, Keith Costigan, Ian Darke and our very own Steve Macca.. are all seeming to be talking quite regularly about our transfers during and after matches.. I'm assuming Dave would have heard this if he's been following the same coverage lately..

    Anyways, the one name they all seem to be stressing, which is also obviously all over the net, is Tom Ince.

    They're talking as if it's done already, and honestly, I like it, even though we got mugged for having let him go for 250k and paying 5-6M should it be true.. That aside, I hated when he left, and he's rapidly developed, and dramatically improved, both his play and physically, with no irony of being at Blackpool. While I know it's Championship, 7 goals and 9 assists is nothing to sneeze at, and would translate to decent numbers in the prem. He would represent a proper attacking winger on the right, with his left foot,

    While I know this will most likely bother people, especially if they think we're in conversation for some massive names in that position, or even a Tello, but it's also being insanely persisted that Sir Ferguson is very interested in him too, with Ince's father being a potential factor in the decision.. It's also rumored Nani won't be back this summer, so if there's any truth to Fergie being interested, then that should say a little more about Ince rather than just slating him, Blackpool and conversely, us..

    We need a striker, perhaps 2, but we need 3-4 players overall, all in the front third, and all that can deliver end product. So, if we can get 2 wide players who score, in addition to Suarez and a good competent back up who can score if Suarez needs a blow, or isn't on his game, then it's a good scenario,

    And, since I said transferS, the other name all the above seem to be mentioning with regularity of Ince is, Sturridge.. Some hypothetical or rhetorical questions on Bent, nothing more.. Mauro Zarate is one who's agent went public with the "LFC contact/interest", he's Suarez-esque in playing style, so dunno..

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    • Hey Jason, your right young Ince seems to get a lot of mentions with the talking heads who broadcast on our side of the pond. Personally I discount the buying back fiasco angle. Yes ideally we should never of left, but he wanted playing time during a different regime at our club, but things have know changed. You can not blame the current manager for mistakes by others in the past.

      Maybe another way to look at pros and cons is compare the two loudest rumors, Ince and Bent.

      Personally I'm not against either, but Bent delivers goals right now but just as a center forward, while Ince can play across the front 3 , but his best is yet to come.

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      • Hey Mel / Dave,

        Figured I just had a chance to read and respond real quick while hitting half time where we shoul be up 10-0, but I suppose we can settle for 1-0 and see where we go in the second half.. Oh and by the way since I was on about him almot as much as Cavani, how classy is Gaston? Nothing could be done, it was his agent that ruined it all, so perhaps we'll get him if Southampton go down..

        Anyways, regards to Ince, 3 things.. A- I think he's absoluely fantastic and it's a no brainer. I don't care if he comes from the Scotish 4th division for 1 pence, he has every bit of skill, pace, trickery and goals. So anyone who wants to slate the Championship/Fee paid thing really hasn't watched him.

        B- Agree wth you Dave, and uderstand the fact he couldn't sit around and just wait when he was probaby 5 x further along at that age, than where Sterling is.. Without looking, I think he's only 19 now? He'd be 10000/1 odds to win player of the year, and on pace for 20+ goals and 20+ assists.

        C- I don't buy into that bad business part really,which Dave points out. Whether it was Roy or Kenny who let him go on, it doesn't matter, because at the same time he could have turned out to be complete crap. So, if it's true, and Rodgers goes in for that suggest 5-6M then credit to him, and who cares? He'll be a Liverpool player if it's true, and that's where it ends. I'm sure QPR are upset we have Sterling, but at age 14, could anyone guarantee, or consider tying a child up to millions?

        As for Fergie being involved and his dad, if that part is true, then Tom himself will really just have a few things to consider.. What his experience was on Merseyside, with the presumed option of being a first choice, or going for obvious glory, CL and having to bide his time.. I honestly couldn't fault him for the obvious, but just another thing to consider... while he's the coach, Roy doesn't seem scared at all to pick youngsters, ie - Sterling, Jonjo, Kelly etc, so if an international career is something he also covets, than we become much more attractive..

        As for Bent, Dave, I've read some things, and they could obviously be smoke and mirror, but Villa claim emphatically no contact from anyone.. I don't buy that. I was completely against he mere thought of him last year, but for a loan, or even 5-6M and if he's happy to accommodate to Suarez, while we presumably add/build in wide areas, then absolutely do it. A very decent and comfortable situation to know he's at least available and willing to do a job on top of knowing where the ball goes. Anyhing more than a loan or 6M ish, and I'm against it

        Other than that, we're really not hearng much else this side that's not on that side.. at least not yet. It's typically not what our coverage does, so I found it interesting they'd been mentioning Ince, Sturridge and Bent so openly.. Time will tell

    • The Ince thing is a real fiasco Jason, buying back your own home developed player is just about as stupid as one can get. Of course nothing beats Barca buying back Fabregas but there was a massive derelection of duty on whoever was responsible for letting the lad go. 6 million might not be much for most teams but since we have become penny pinchers after Dempseygate, 6 million is an amount that we would have put better use to. I am in favour of getting the boy back but we never should had let him leave in the first place. Its not as if he was not showing great potential in the reserves, he was terrorising the opposition week in and week out but someone with infinite wisdom decided to just let him go. I was surprised when I read that he had signed for Blackpool just as much as I was surprised when Toni Silva was let go earlier this season as well. The two were still in their teens and it would not have killed us to hold on to them for a season or two and see how they developed.

      I am all in favour of getting him back, he has pace, trickery, scores goals and the son of a former Liverpool captain, why not? But with Man U being said to be interested there is no guarantee he will choose us and serious questions have to be posed to the person responsible for letting him go in the first place.