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  • colin colin Dec 1, 2012 12:03 Flag

    Raheem Sterling vs Brendan Rodgers.

    MEL N... think this biz with Sterling will conclude with him either going to Citeh after they offer him an astronomical salary or he will be back home in Tottenham on 50k a week ..or more. Think we have to accept that our owners have deep pockets but short arms ..we have become a selling club and soon will be a feeder club if we continue in the direction we are going right now.
    The way forward is clear ...our problem is we cant score a sufficient of goals to bring in the wins and until we have someone else up front alongside Suarez and I mean alongside him NOT someone sitting on the effin bench in case Suarez picks up an injury then we arent going to improve on the current situation. The owners need to wake up forget about how much Commoli spent wipe their mouths and get their hands in their pockets break the bank if necessary and bring in some WORLD CLASS PROVEN STRIKERS....NOT HALF BAKED PROSPECTS LIKE BORINI on the cheap. If this isnt done get ready for participating in a relegation dogfight back end of the season.

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    • Agree with you Colin, I would not be surprised if he ended up with City or Spurs. Spurs especially are very good at seducing youngsters to come play for them.

      What I cant fathom is how you can show the whole world how good your player on 2000k is. Surely has nobody ever heard of patent law within Liverpool FC. Now the lad's agent has clubs whispering in his ear how much they are willing to pay Sterling and I guarantee you it is much more than we can afford. Having to bid for your own player is just plain stupid. Worst thing is that we cant even cash up on him and sell him for say 10-15 million pounds which is just about what he is worth at this moment.