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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 3, 2012 20:16 Flag

    Raheem Sterling vs Brendan Rodgers.

    Well said Hobbs. Let’s be frank, Sterling has been a revelation so far this season, but is anyone certain he will continue to develop and turn into a great player? We hope he does, and he shows all the signs he could, but there is no guarantee. 50K a week is what a good contract for a well proven prem player, not what you offer a player for his first professional contract!

    On the other hand he could develop into a world class player and 50K a week will look like chicken feed in a couple years’ time. By the time the lad is 21 or 22 he could be the English Messi and deserving of 150 or 200k a week, but if that is the case when his next contract is negotiated in a couple years (when he's not even 21) that might be what his advisors ask for.

    But look at it this way. I can understand his agent and advisors playing hard ball. He's the flavor of the month with all the pundits. He's one bright spark in our so far lack luster season, and of course they want to get the most for him (and their cut of course) that they can. But there is more to negotiating this deal from the player’s point of view than just the amount he's going to get in his pay packet.

    To develop and get to his full potential (whatever level that might be) he needs to have a good manager who understands how to develop young players. He needs playing time at the highest competitive level he's capable of, and surrounded by good players that can help him on his journey. He needs support. He needs to be protected so his head does not get turned or distracted by things off the pitch. I'm not saying he can't get those things at other clubs, but to get all of them from a single club is hard, and imo the clubs that can afford to pay the most are the least likeliest to be able to provide everything a young player needs.

    Personally I do hope we keep him. He deserves a good contract, but I'd agree either one which is heavy on incentive pay, or maybe has a stepping process each year based on appearances, so after 3 years or so he's on or close to the 50k he's reportedly asking for. But if the press are right (who says they are) and it’s a red line if he can't get the wage he wants then I say we walk away. We may well regret it, but if his head is all about a certain number now, I'd say there as good odds the lad will burn out before he's 21 because he's more interested in living the life of a professional footballer than actually working on being one, than there is that we have the next world class player on our hands.

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    • This to me is a classic example of the "English press" at work. Sterling has the potential to be a very good player but he's not there yet. He's only scored once this season remember, which is hardly a staggering return for a forward.

      Yet again we have the scenario where our squad circumstances have meant he's getting far more playing time than he normally would, and the press have locked onto a promising English youngster and elevated him to a level, which to be honest he's no where near yet. Hodgson hasn't helped by picking him for England either, although his choices are limted. It's happened with Rooney and Wiltshere as two examples. The press have made them out to be something really really special. Truth is they aren't on the same planet as players like Messi, Iniesta and Xavi and co.

      I find it worrying that he's distracted with a little night life too.

      I agree with those above that say he needs to ge a grip and yes be given a new contract but one that gets him focussed on playing and gives him something to go for and develop. He isn't worth £50k a week yet IMO.

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      • It also happend to David Bentley, and where is he now?

      • Dave/NooNoo, agree with both on everything. One point that Noonoo made was that of the media fabrication. All we have heard is reporters asking Brendan about signing him up and the general gist is "he will if he knows whats good for him". Raheem posted on his own twitter page "I will sign on my 18th birthday" before instantly deleting it for whatever reason, one would assume agents not happy about how it would affect negotiations. It is his 18th birthday on Saturday so I wouldn't be suprised to see him signed up in time to give us a boost before the West Ham game where we will see Jamie Carragher leading the attack.

        A couple of things to note, there was a trend a while ago that fans believed Kelly was better then Johnson (I doubt many feel that way anymore, I was certainly never one of them) but in my opinion it was always relative with one being a free academy product whilst the other cost £17m. We started this season all hoping Raheem might be a new star but once he is earning the mega bucks, how long will it be before the expectation levels on him increase? I don't want to sound down on him at all, I have been excited about seeing him in the first team since he was 15 (still love that story of him being in a Europa squad because it was school halfterm) but we do need to be realistic with him.

        For every Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo there is a Jeffers, Freddy Adu or Giovanni Dos Santos.

    • "that we have the next world class player on our hands." Then be unable to keep him at the club..

      Which is likely..