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    Raheem Sterling vs Brendan Rodgers.

    For all his smooth talking, charm and perceived intelligence, I dont think Brendan is really as smart as most people make him out to be. I have been on record criticising his man-management style especially after his treatment of Downing, Caroll, Enrique etc and I feel he is about to put his foot in his mouth again with regards to Raheem Sterling. His advice (veiled as a threat) that Sterling would be foolish not to sign a new contract is something that has the potential to back fire on him.

    The Sterling situation is entirely a product of Brendan's creation and which with better planning and foresight could easily have been avoided. The lad is 17, said to be on 2000 pounds a week BUT is one of the first names on the Liverpool team sheet. He is due to sign a new contract when he turns 18 and word is that we are offering him 20 000 pounds per week, what a laugh! What kind of an agent would accept such an insulting offer for his client, I would not. He is now an England international for crying out aloud! Obviously 4 months ago he and his agent would have jumped at an offer of maybe 5K but the simple fact is that he has shown that he is worth much more than the 20K that we are offering, the boy knows it, his agent knows it, even Brendan Rodgers knows it, actually the whole WORLD knows it. Sometimes in football you have to be smart, sacrifice something today in order to gain a lot more in future. Brendan should have used Sterling sparingly, mostly as an impact player until the contract was signed and then played him as much as he wanted to after that. Right now Sterling is ahead of Downing (on 60K) and Joe Cole (on 90K) in the pecking order, why on earth would he accept 20K? I feel that Brendan should eat humble pie and admit that he bungled this one and pay the boy what he is worth. Word is that his team are demanding 50K per week, a very fair price if you ask me as each and every Premier League team would jump at the chance of Sterling being part of their team.

    Raheem Sterling and his advisors hold all the aces here and the choices are simple, either we pay up or we lose him.

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    • Mel your correct the market is the only thing that determines the price, and that is ruled by supply and demand. However your assumption that if only one club come in for him willing to pay more than we're offering he'll be off, is wide of the mark. It neglects to take into account the law of supply of demand is an equation, and both sides have to balance.

      Simple lesson, to make a price both parties have to agree, so it does not matter if someone offers him 100K a week if he's not willing to supply his services, and as I stated before there are other factors Raheem and his advisors will take into account before making a decision, and wages is just one of those factors.

      Let me put it this way, if someone comes in and asks me to sell them my house for 10% more than it’s worth, does that mean I have to sell? I like my house, and it has more than just material value. It’s my home and I'm not likely to sell up just because someone wants it. There is a price I'll of course consider, but money is not the only factor in a selling decision.

      But being realistic, which clubs are likely to put in an offer of 50K or more? Utd could afford it, but they rarely pay youngsters big contracts. Yes they've splashed the cash in transfers, but even Rooney did not get a mega deal on his first Utd contract. Arsenal doesn’t pay their proven players more than 60K if they can help it, so take them out of the picture. Chelsea might, but it seems they are watching the bottom line now, so it’s not for sure. Spurs is the one everyone is talking about, but they are not known as a high wage club, so why do people think they'd changed strips and pay up unless Levy has taken a bump on his head. Bale only got his mega deal this past summer at the age of 23 for a massive 75k a week, which was a bump from his 50K a week that he got in 2010 (aged 21) after he'd proven himself with 3 years in the first team, and trust me when he came from the Saints he was on no where near what some think Spurs will be willing to pay Sterling at 17. Of course City could come in, they can afford it as it’s a rounding error on their pay roll, but do you really think if Sterling is interested in playing football he's interested in risking becoming the next Adam Johnson?

      So while I do agree with you the player and his agent hold most of the cards (players always do so no big surprise there) they don't exactly have unlimited room to play that hand, plus so long as we're not cheap and do offer him a decent and fair contract along with what we've already provided in terms of developing the player, we are not exactly holding a bad hand ourselves here.

    • It is a tricky question. Joe Cole has not been worth 100k per week but he may have seemed to be at the time of purchase, I was pretty excited about him back then. I don't think even Raheem's agent would send him to Manchester City, it is one thing competing with Downing and Assaidi and another with Nasri and Silva. I think the £20-30k per week deal is the right one but it has to have increments. You score 10 goals or get 10 assists and it is reviewed once again or make 25 appearances and the same. I guess though, you can't offer someone 120k per week then if they don't score be able to reduce it down so maybe we should just pay him £50k now! I am confused now.....

      Either way, it is his 18th birthday on saturday so lets see if he is signed up then.

    • Surely it's only up to Brendan to say he wants him signed and then up to Ian ayre to agree a weekly figure?

    • I disagree to be honest. If you had been at Anfield on Saturday you would have seen the most pathetic of performances where Raheem couldnt make a simple pass, track back when he lost the ball or put a cross into the box, he is an astonishing talent but he is by no means the finished article. He could easily be a £80-90k a week player in a couple of seasons and if he continues to improve that is exactly what he will get. Yes, I understand that plenty of clubs will come in and pay him £50k per week now and that if he fails to sign a contract we would probably only be looking at £10m in compensation but he isn't deserving of £50k a week yet.

      It has been made pretty clear in the press of his love of non footballing life, a massive contract might be the end of his development and a new 'spice boy' may be born. For me, the best thing to offer him is a carrot filled contract with a healthy basic, maybe £20k per week, plus incremental pay reviews plus bonuses for performance, appearances etc. When suarez came into us he was on £35k per week then after his 1st full season had a contract review and bang, he is earning £100k plus. We have to keep him foccused on improving and for me, giving a 18yr old £50k a week after playing 14 games, scoring 1 goal and getting a micky mouse England friendly cap is not the way forward.

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      • Well said Hobbs. Let’s be frank, Sterling has been a revelation so far this season, but is anyone certain he will continue to develop and turn into a great player? We hope he does, and he shows all the signs he could, but there is no guarantee. 50K a week is what a good contract for a well proven prem player, not what you offer a player for his first professional contract!

        On the other hand he could develop into a world class player and 50K a week will look like chicken feed in a couple years’ time. By the time the lad is 21 or 22 he could be the English Messi and deserving of 150 or 200k a week, but if that is the case when his next contract is negotiated in a couple years (when he's not even 21) that might be what his advisors ask for.

        But look at it this way. I can understand his agent and advisors playing hard ball. He's the flavor of the month with all the pundits. He's one bright spark in our so far lack luster season, and of course they want to get the most for him (and their cut of course) that they can. But there is more to negotiating this deal from the player’s point of view than just the amount he's going to get in his pay packet.

        To develop and get to his full potential (whatever level that might be) he needs to have a good manager who understands how to develop young players. He needs playing time at the highest competitive level he's capable of, and surrounded by good players that can help him on his journey. He needs support. He needs to be protected so his head does not get turned or distracted by things off the pitch. I'm not saying he can't get those things at other clubs, but to get all of them from a single club is hard, and imo the clubs that can afford to pay the most are the least likeliest to be able to provide everything a young player needs.

        Personally I do hope we keep him. He deserves a good contract, but I'd agree either one which is heavy on incentive pay, or maybe has a stepping process each year based on appearances, so after 3 years or so he's on or close to the 50k he's reportedly asking for. But if the press are right (who says they are) and it’s a red line if he can't get the wage he wants then I say we walk away. We may well regret it, but if his head is all about a certain number now, I'd say there as good odds the lad will burn out before he's 21 because he's more interested in living the life of a professional footballer than actually working on being one, than there is that we have the next world class player on our hands.

    • MEL N... think this biz with Sterling will conclude with him either going to Citeh after they offer him an astronomical salary or he will be back home in Tottenham on 50k a week ..or more. Think we have to accept that our owners have deep pockets but short arms ..we have become a selling club and soon will be a feeder club if we continue in the direction we are going right now.
      The way forward is clear ...our problem is we cant score a sufficient of goals to bring in the wins and until we have someone else up front alongside Suarez and I mean alongside him NOT someone sitting on the effin bench in case Suarez picks up an injury then we arent going to improve on the current situation. The owners need to wake up forget about how much Commoli spent wipe their mouths and get their hands in their pockets break the bank if necessary and bring in some WORLD CLASS PROVEN STRIKERS....NOT HALF BAKED PROSPECTS LIKE BORINI on the cheap. If this isnt done get ready for participating in a relegation dogfight back end of the season.

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      • Agree with you Colin, I would not be surprised if he ended up with City or Spurs. Spurs especially are very good at seducing youngsters to come play for them.

        What I cant fathom is how you can show the whole world how good your player on 2000k is. Surely has nobody ever heard of patent law within Liverpool FC. Now the lad's agent has clubs whispering in his ear how much they are willing to pay Sterling and I guarantee you it is much more than we can afford. Having to bid for your own player is just plain stupid. Worst thing is that we cant even cash up on him and sell him for say 10-15 million pounds which is just about what he is worth at this moment.

    • mel n...a long time ago I posted up on the board that I thought BR got the job because he was the candidate who ticked the box of BEST 'YES-MAN' for FSG owners...I havent changed my opinion. I support the manager in his aims but feel in certain areas he just isnt up to the job ...his man-management seems to be left wanting and for all his alleged charm where the media are concerned I think he is a p***-poor Spin-Dr

    • Personally , I'm beginning to feel he's engineering a swap with Man City for Scott Sinclair.Seems to be hell bent on recruiting his previous players, whether he feels they'll be easier to control?
      He talks of the "Liverpool way" in conducting things then does it through the media!
      By the time it's all over he'll put a spin on it,Stirling wanted silly money,wanted to go to City, and we got a world beater in Sinclair who cost them 8 million and has seen even less pitch time than Adam Johnson!