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  • Hobitez Hobitez Dec 3, 2012 13:09 Flag

    Suarez Banned..

    I understand fully it was a silly thing to do and it's upsetting he is now banned but he was always going to get a yellow card at some point in the season and there is no easy game for him to miss. I appreciate that there might be more cover in January but that is a big ask for someone so aggressive to go that long without picking one up. I think Jonjo or Stevie playing the 9 is most likely, Shelvey the most probable of the 2. I think we will probably find it won't change how we play too much but will be missing the spark of a 'goal out of nothing' man.

    I think West Ham would murder Pacheco, Yesil, Morgan etc so don't see them as viable options, perhaps young Raheem could play through the centre and add something more orthodox (Downing, Cole, Henderson) out wide, just don't think he will hold the ball up that well but would be good on the break.

    1 thing worth mentioning is that Suarez must be due a rest, the way he plays is so intense. We need him at Udinese this week so it might work out well over the coming xmas run in.

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    • very true Hobs.

      At the moment I'm left a little confused by the whole Yesil thing to be honest. If it is a strict loan deal then we certainly aren't benefitting from it and I'm quite sure Leverkusen would say the same.

      If the ability is there as it supposed to be, and his international performances suggests then I thought we would have seen more of him by now.

      To me it seems that Rodgers thinks / knows that he simply isn't ready and that raises some questions over why we did the deal in the first place.