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  • Soh Soh Dec 3, 2012 15:56 Flag

    Suarez Banned..

    We have played some games without Suarez in Europe I think. So, it is not new. Just that those situations, we have left him out by choice but now, we have the decision forced on us.
    Perhaps, without a key man, the ball may be played more evenly among the front players and that may be better for us, then sending most of the ball to him. After all, that is one reason why we think a strike partner who can share the responsibility with Suarez is good.

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    • I'm glad that you each made those comments Mel and Hobs.. especially yours Mel.. it was almost too ridiculous for me to respond to considering he has 10 of our 18 goals, and directly contributed to 4 others, including our only vs Southampton where his free kick hit the bar, ending up with Glen's cross to Agger..

      Hobs is right too. I do think he was showing a far more mature/calm character and that there was a chance he'd make it past January without a card, so that said, it was always going to happen, but I hated it being that way. But then again, if it came for what seems to be a player who seems to hardly go down anymore, nor curse up a storm at the refs, then maybe hadball was the better of all evils. And, yes, he did need a rest, though perhaps if we could have just gotten through this one, since I'd fancy a go vs Villa at home instead, but it is what it is.. and maybe Shelvey gets himself in a hot streak, and someone else like Sahin or Suso steps up as provider, or Assaidi?

      Regards to Yesil, it was a purchase, with an option to buy back. Based on the fact he's started twice, once a very good outing vs WBA in the cup, and another decent, but lonely cut figure vs Swans, he hasn't been on the end of nearly enough for Bayer to take him back, and I think unless he's a complete bust, and since he's 18 FFS hopefully we're not slating him and branding him one, because when he's w/ Germany he's an absolute stud, and they truly regard him as the next big thing down the line.. That said, obviously I've got no idea anymore than you do, but I think I've seen his face in training pictures, so based on how Rodgers goes about things, if you're not up to it in training, or strong/fit enough, you don't even make the bench sometimes...

      If Cole is literally burning 110K a week into FSG's pocket, and theoretically talented enough to make the bench yet rarely does outside Europe, then, Yesil will just have to improve. I think we'll see good things from him, I really do and hope he doesn't fall into a scapegoat mode like Ngog did, while I also think far more talented/polished at same age..

      Who knows, maybe he makes the bench or surprise start? Another name, not Morgan, that I'd really like to see, perhaps the best of the lot at the moment, is Adorjan.. He seems to be very very physically capable at the moment with the reserves. Fast, pacy, good size, and quite clinical.. Reminds me of a much better Nemeth, who I did rate, but never quite got a chance, not enough for me anyways.. But I'd like to see Adorjan sooner than later, and perhaps ahead of Morgan..

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      • I think it might be 12 goals even Jase? It was a silly thing to do but in any defence, it was purely instinctive as it happened so quickly I don't think there was any deliberacy in it, it is just the natural cheat in him reacting subconciously!:)

        Yesil himself said he didnt expect to impact the first team till the season after next so I don't understand any questioning of him either, haven't really heard of him scoring much in reserve/youth team action either? I can only really see us going with someone playing out of position rather then bringing a youngster up, as you said, perhaps Suso could adopt a false 9 quite well but agreed, Jonjo is the most likely candidate.