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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Dec 1, 2012 21:11 Flag

    Rafa out!!!!!

    I know he gave a lot to our club but he's at Chelsea.now which is all that matters to me.

    I hope his results continue to pile pressure on himself and his misfiring striker. All it does is make that interfering fkwit owner of theirs look even more clueless and inept. 1 loss and 2 draws - about all it took for RDM to get the sack. Why the double standard with Rafa?

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    • I would say that:

      Torres, Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Luiz, Ramires and anyone else in the recent group of 200M worth of loose change in the couch are helping to answer critics..

      I thought Di Matteo did a great job last year, especially in comparison to AVB, and was still the right guy for that job despite a poor patch.

      End of the day, we're looking at one of the richest groups of talent, equal to that of many of Europe's best, and on their day in a good formation, a blind person could lead them to victory. This is all before Falcao/Schurrle, other youth/academy prospects promoted up (ho ho ho, joke) or whoever else comes in for more pocket change in 1 week's time..

      End of the day, Guardiola is going to be courted like Romeo did Juliet, or a return of Jose', pending an epic salary offer battle between Russian vs Sheiks.

    • "Rafa seems to be answering his critics, in the best way possible."

      hmm, don't take much for u to be impressed!

      2wins out of 5 in the league
      lost the world club final
      beat a championship team & danish part timers in the cups.

      8-0 is impressive but still is only 3pts!
      & lets see how regular u bet prem teams by that scoreline.
      it wouldn't be a huge shock if they don't do it again this season.

    • Could it be that Abramovich is starting to realise that if he keeps sacking managers... that nobody will want to go to Chelsea.. despite his money..

      Most if not all managers want to have the power to build their own team / squad as they see fit.. and do so without minimal interference from the owner.

      Thing is Abramovich does nothing but interfere.. so which top manager wants to work under those conditions?

      Probably a manager whose young and is cutting their teeth in football management. Yet any seasoned manager doesn't need to be told who to buy and certainly doesn't need the players to decide who plays or not..

      So it would seem Chelsea's options are to have an up and coming manager (a yes man).. or a manager whose seen it all and is going out on a high before they retire..

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      • I'm not so sure about that. Rafa is a smart man, a rational man, as I’m sure is all the men who've taken up the Chelsea post since Roman has sat in the big chair. So if all these men already know Roman's controlling nature, why do they keep taking up the job? It’s not like this is new news!

        Seems to me there are a couple reasons:

        They like the money. Crass I know, but who would not like a few million for a couple months work!

        They think they are so good that Roman won't be able to fire them.

        Personally I think it’s both, but mainly the second. In addition to being smart and rational men, all (maybe not Grant) of the recent managers have had huge egos, as do most football managers.

        Rafa may have signed on as a temporary interim manager, but do you really think he does not think he can do more. He thinks either or Pep won't come in the summer, and he'll have done such a great job Roman will have to keep him (and of course he does think he'll win over the fans also).

        They all thought that, and even in the worst case scenario, they are so good, if things don't go to plan at SB they are so good they'll be offers out there a plenty after they've taken a nice long holiday on Roman.

        I don't know if Pep is as good a coach as everyone says, or if he really understands the risks to his reputation if he does take the Chelsea job, but if everyone keeps bigging him up (and he can't fail this season and in fact is getting even better while sitting his backside in New York) then sooner or later he's going to think he's better than all of them, and can control Roman. If not you can bet the next so called great manager who comes along will, because even if all the evidence points in the opposite direction, the ego never, ever lies!

    • You sound like the jealous ex-girlfriend :)

      I'm in two minds here. Obviously I want my club to do well. I'm not expecting too much from this season now although it should be remembered we are still in five competitions! On the other hand, it would be funny to see exactly how long he got if we continue to get crap results.

      One thing that has surprised me is how many enemies he made before. Not only us and United but on Saturday they were talking about history with Allardyce too. It's obviously one of his talents.


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      • Hey Robert

        Well he's certainly not the warm & cuddly type in his professional life :-)

        That said, I would take the rifts thing with a pinch of salt. On Fergie, I would take it as a compliment (he only ever falls out with managers when he sees them as a threat - Mancini, Wenger in the past, Jose etc.). With Sam, Rafa's not the first manager to whinge (wrongly in my opinion) about Boltons tactics - Wenger/Martinez for example.

    • While we're not yet in distance, or really a talking point for top 4 contention or Champions League, curious as to why not being in favor of him staying?

      Obviously United and Everton are the 2 biggest rivals, but to me, they're 3rd and have been at times over the years as big as either..

      He's doing exactly what I expected him to do there, only I predicted another draw today, not a 3-1 ass kicking.

      For anyone who wanted, or may even still cling to a notion of wanting him back, while he accomplished alot, which I and everyone are thankful for, the end of his tenure was really on the decline in so many aspects, even off the pitch, let this be a reminder..

      Inter as well.. once they got rid, they immediately improved in Serie A last year.