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  • colin colin Dec 1, 2012 22:44 Flag

    Rafa out!!!!!

    Jason...thankyou for this post...many of our fans probably 50% never ended their teenage love affair with benitez after he won the Champions League for us in his first season with us with what lets be hones t was basically Geds team. Now after his titanic style disaster at Inter we see him sinking Chelski ...wonder jhow long Abramosonofabitch will stand for it.

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    • It's amazing, a manager takes over a sinking ship and after 3 matches he is written off.
      He has been out 2 years, the fans want him out but we can tell if he is going to be a success or failure after 3 matches. Get real will you, let's get our own house in order before we start telling others where there failure lies.

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      • "It's amazing, a manager takes over a sinking ship and after 3 matches he is written off."

        u obviously missed the whole argument about his stint at inter they mentioned?

        they had just won the league & CL. he couldnt have done a worse job there. it was very impressive how quickly he turned a league & CL winning team in to a sinking ship.

        see how i went full circle with the sinking ship thing!

    • Sense at last. Thanks Jason. You highlight my points with Benitez perfectly, far better than I could have. I probably would have decended into rant mode.

      I am certainly grateful for many things Benitez did at the club but there was also a dark side.

    • Hey Colin

      Thanks for the "teenage" bit - I'll take that :-)

      It always amazes me when people use the "it was GH's team" to lower the scale of Rafa's achievment in 2005. It would be fair if he'd taken over from Pep at Barca but the team he was left included the likes of Igor Biscan, Djimi Traore & Bruno Cheyrou. Even if you hate the guy and his style, I think most people would acknowledge that to get that squad to win a CL was an incredible achievement.

      Of course he also got us back there two years later.

      So, two CL final appearances in his first 3 full seasons - I wonder if BR will be able to replicate that?