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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 7, 2012 14:16 Flag

    Rafa out!!!!!

    I'm not so sure about that. Rafa is a smart man, a rational man, as I’m sure is all the men who've taken up the Chelsea post since Roman has sat in the big chair. So if all these men already know Roman's controlling nature, why do they keep taking up the job? It’s not like this is new news!

    Seems to me there are a couple reasons:

    They like the money. Crass I know, but who would not like a few million for a couple months work!

    They think they are so good that Roman won't be able to fire them.

    Personally I think it’s both, but mainly the second. In addition to being smart and rational men, all (maybe not Grant) of the recent managers have had huge egos, as do most football managers.

    Rafa may have signed on as a temporary interim manager, but do you really think he does not think he can do more. He thinks either or Pep won't come in the summer, and he'll have done such a great job Roman will have to keep him (and of course he does think he'll win over the fans also).

    They all thought that, and even in the worst case scenario, they are so good, if things don't go to plan at SB they are so good they'll be offers out there a plenty after they've taken a nice long holiday on Roman.

    I don't know if Pep is as good a coach as everyone says, or if he really understands the risks to his reputation if he does take the Chelsea job, but if everyone keeps bigging him up (and he can't fail this season and in fact is getting even better while sitting his backside in New York) then sooner or later he's going to think he's better than all of them, and can control Roman. If not you can bet the next so called great manager who comes along will, because even if all the evidence points in the opposite direction, the ego never, ever lies!

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