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  • Jason Jason Dec 25, 2012 18:59 Flag

    Rafa out!!!!!

    I would say that:

    Torres, Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Luiz, Ramires and anyone else in the recent group of 200M worth of loose change in the couch are helping to answer critics..

    I thought Di Matteo did a great job last year, especially in comparison to AVB, and was still the right guy for that job despite a poor patch.

    End of the day, we're looking at one of the richest groups of talent, equal to that of many of Europe's best, and on their day in a good formation, a blind person could lead them to victory. This is all before Falcao/Schurrle, other youth/academy prospects promoted up (ho ho ho, joke) or whoever else comes in for more pocket change in 1 week's time..

    End of the day, Guardiola is going to be courted like Romeo did Juliet, or a return of Jose', pending an epic salary offer battle between Russian vs Sheiks.