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  • Jason Jason Dec 1, 2012 22:43 Flag

    Another Striker..

    Rather than start a new thread with every single name seen, heard or wanted, which I still expect to happen anyways, I'm just going to use this one for my own purposes..

    Obviously this appeares on the LFC site, but to be honest, I'd really be hoping we would have a look in France and that was perhaps my biggest disappointment in Commoli/Kenny having that connection and ability to go there and we never really did aside from some rumors of Aly Sissokho at LB before signing Enrique..

    Anyways, Bafatembi Gomis... not sure if everyone is familiar or not, but certainly someone you'd want to know about should it ever materialize, since he's a very very good striker, has been for several years now at Lyon and in the Champions League. Very good pace, very strong physically, quite clinical and can play the ball in the air..

    I watch Ligue when I can, so I know enough of the big players and I have a few others I'd like, Such as Gamiero, Gouffran and Roux, but I'll stick with this for now. I really don't know how the French sports media goes in comparions to England and the states, with all our BS respectively, so I don't know the reality of this, but here it is in French and I asked a good friend, born in France (Arsenal fan no coincidence) to translate and it does say, Liverpool have contacted Lyon about him, with 8M being the number.. Again it could be complete rubbish, or perhaps they're right, I don't know but I asked for a translation at least to supplement the original news in English.. here it is

    And if you're not familiar or think he's a waste without knowing, have a look..(music sucks!)

    He's 27, 9 goals and 2 assists in 14 games and starting to really peak now.. had 19 last year in all comp, including 6 in the UCL ..

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    • What are these rumours about Alexis Sanchez I keep reading? surely there cant be any truth in it, right?

      Go on, tease me.

    • Aye Jason.. thats the guy ..

    • Armchair, Again, like Colyn said, if you'd bothered to read my 2 prior posts you'd see that..

      Wilfried Bony, 23 years old from the Ivory Coast, Striker for Vitesse 14 goals in 15 games..

      Sound about right?

    • Bony is who I meant Noo Noo..

    • I'm wondering if the constant stories of Walcott and Sturridge are not a smoke screen. I still think one or the other is the most likely outcome, but I'd not put it back BR to bring in someone few of us have heard of.

      On a similar note, does anyone know the estimated date of when Borini might be back? If he can get back into contention during December it might tell us what kind of striker we're really looking for. I know some have already written him off, but considering the number of players others also talked about being nothing but deadwood putting in some fairly decent shifts lately, I think we have to consider his contribution as part of the attacking force.

      That is not to say we don't still need another striker, but do we go for a winger, a traditional center forward, someone who can partner Suarez, or someone who is just a backup player. Do we go for someone who is experienced and can contribute goals right now, or some younger/not proven in the prem, who will be part of the attack force for seasons to come.

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      • Dave,

        Don't really think there's much smoke screen, and it's absolutely possible for BR to sign someone at least some of us have never heard, though not as likely in January I'll concede..

        Gomis, who I started with, was something I'd seen over here in French and asked a friend to translate it. Very good player, no idea if the French media speaks a word of truth. Wilfried Bony, it seems it's 100% truth that there's interest and dialogue both ways.. who gets him (many suitors) is anyone's guess..

        For Sturridge and Walcott, both are injured, both are never ending persistent names. I'd say over here, Walcott is the one seeming to be the more likely, if there's any truth. Another layer to Sturridge aside from injury and probably costing more, is would Roman sell him our way? We're not directly competing with them, but over the past 2 years, we've been a handful and thorn in their side. Rafa loves Liverpool, but perhaps he fancies Sturridge, perhaps not, perhaps he holds some ill will for never getting an interview with us this summer?

        To answer on Borini, they said sometime early February. He's working on all his cardio and leg strength, but won't be doing any real type of football running/action until Jan probably. I think it was fracture on top of his foot, so one wrong step or rough challenge and it could just crack again. And before anyone follows this up w slating him, leave him alone.. he can't be bad when he's not playing..

        As for the window, I think we need a quality, attacking, winger who can score and create just as much as a striker, so for me 1 of each please.

        If you look at Swansea last year and their goals/assists.. Graham, Gylfi, Sinclair, Dyer.. Compared to ours now Suarez and Sterling, 11 combined.. not enough. Swans this year, with by in large part the same team, only adding in Michu and Pablo, ... Dyer, Pablo, Routledge, Michu and Graham.. alot of chances for goals from several..

        To supplement my theory on the winger, if anyone was to slate any player, I'm actually surprised it's not Assaidi. His recent showings have been late minute cameos and not that impressive and he's not even getting himself in the squad for the league, so we have Sterling who is young, promising but not much end product yet, Suso who is more a cutting in, sit in the hole type, and then Downing/Enrique and Cole.. Not good enough..

        Just to throw this out there, since he's played maybe 1 minute all season, perhaps we could approach City for Sinclair, get involved for 4-5M they paid since Mancini clearly has no use for him, and he must be miserable with his choice.

        Adding potentially Ince and Sinclair would be really nice for the wide areas, and then let's say Walcott..

        All could be done under 30M, and tremendously upgrade for now and allow us to really push hard towards the top and then show the owners Rodgers knows what's what and allow him to spend much bigger in the summer

      • http://www.physioroom.com/affiliate/4thegame/epl_injury_table.php

        ..think it's about 14th Jan.

        Interestingly Sturidge doesnt have a return date..

    • Walcott has a lot more steam building up around his name over on this side than Sturridge does, of course when mentioning the two. (Not obsessing) Though, neither are my cup of tea.. Both injured as well.. Theo's seems to be something short term, and then his situation seems to be a loaded one from all angles..

      As for Bony, it seems he absolutely wants out but Vitesse don't want to let him leave, so ultimately it could just become a bidding war with other teams involved, and that's too risky in my opinion..

      Gomez was obviously a pie in the sky comment, like me saying Cavani, though not apples to apples. Cavani will move at some point, I don't think this year, but I'm not sure I see Gomez leaving any time soon, if ever. Most of the Bayern players, particularly the academy through and through, or German born, don't really seem like they'll leave.. maybe a couple. Gomez is a world class poacher. He's not a spectacular striker, but a spectacular striker of the ball. He makes some 10-12 yd finishes look like 30 yd hits. He is very good, but he is very streaky and very over reliant on service. Nonetheless, no point in talking about him, when fit, he's first choice for a club who could/should win UCL

      Just going on the general news/noise from the media here, not really much other than Ince, Bony, and the 2 injured London wantaways mentioned every day.. Some really funny/rubbish in the papers though! I think we're on red alert for Sneijder since he won't take a pay cut from his 180k at Inter..!

    • It would help you a lot if you actually read what people have said above Armchair. Jason has pointed out your Ivory Coast man two / three replies up.

      Gomez is an odd one for me. His record and reputation says mountains but every time (very few) I've seen him play I've not been impressed at all. I'm actually surpised that Armchair hasn't asked for Zlatan. :o) Of course he's second best to the mighty Bentnar anyway.

      I'm finding the Walcott / Arsenal thing quite interesting. No idea what will happen and he's not my favourite option but when I look at what Rodgers wants from his wide forwards he fits the profile very well indeed.

    • We're looking at some guy from the Ivory Coast I believe? he's been dubbed the "new Drogba". Hope we get him ..

    • Hmmmmmmm.........Mario Gomez is 6'2". Now a Mario Gomez type lethal finisher would fit the bill rather nicely here at Anfield.

      Forgive me , I'm just idly daydreaming. Might as well dream big

      OK , back to reality.

    • Just wanted to correct myself in the size comparison, he's not nearly as tall as Lukaku, but he's a strong boy, maybe close to 6'1..

      Again, no idea how far the dialogue has gone just sahin what's been said here, and the factuals/quotes stating LFC involvement are from both his agent, and the club.. Vitesse that is, not LFC. It's probably made it's way to the internet/uk media by now then twisted into more than it is..

      End of the day, seems like an up and coming player, but not my choice along with Sturridge/Walcott.

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