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  • Jason Jason Dec 3, 2012 19:23 Flag

    Another Striker..

    Does seem he's been around a while doesn't he.. But not a bad thing considering he's 27 and having his best season to date, and along the way, he has scored big goals including Champions League vs the Epic Failures from Spain themselves in a knockout round 2-3 years ago..

    I do like him as a player, think in the right team he could be a 20 goal scorer. Wouldn't shock me to see him on Arsenal, obvious reasons, and do well. So, while he amongst others isn't my first choice, for 8M, if true, I would have him because he's clinical, experienced and can mix it up in the box..

    For me, at this point, unless it's some super hot prospect anymore, and the same fees, I'm always leaning towards a European player vs British these days, and I mean that w/ no disrespect, then again, aside from Dempsey, Donovan and Altidore.. why would I .. So, 8M for Gomis vs 6-8M for Long, easy one to me..

    If we're talking some fancy winger who may be perceived as a little lightweight vs a player like Zaha, than I'll go the other way.

    Based on the last several years now, maybe 3.. there's been so few big name, big money, European/foreign players that have flopped vs British just moving teams, and in general..

    I thought Ramires would break into pieces, Mata would take 2-3 years, Cabaye and Ben Arfa not strong enough etc etc.. All wrong, and as much as I loved and wanted him, David Silva worried me, but since he basically never goes anywhere near being a winger despite lining up there, he's absolutely brilliant..

    Our best existing players, and most important ones gone in recent years, says it all..