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  • Jason Jason Dec 5, 2012 22:34 Flag

    Shut the Hell Up... Agger..!!


    I think Dave basically just explained the point of talking about someone's perception of who dominated, or "played someone off the pitch", by personal interpretation and preference of what defines it. For you, it does seem results, and I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever, that's your preference and in sports, who wins the game is all that matters. If Stoke City make it to the Champions League this year with the rubbish ball they play at times, do you think anyone at Stoke on the Trent will give a flying fcuk while running around with swords and spears? NOPE..

    I'm sorry if I didn't articulate or explain, when I threw in Napoli, and obviously I won't hide the fact that I am a Napoli fan, but after that game ended at Stadio San Paulo, including injuries to Bosingwa and someone else (not to relevant), it seemed as if Chelsea had been run absolutely ragged, and 3-1 was a miraculous score. Just so you know, I'm not trying to overplay it or dramatize it, I happen to have that game still recorded on my dvr because it was one of my favorite UCL games in recent history, particularly that Cavani goal where he ghosted in and roofed on past Cech with the tip of his shoulder, and overall a very exciting game. Needless to say, I thought the reverse at the Bridge started in similar fashion with Cavani and Hamsik both coming close very very early and Cech standing on his head.. BUT you won, and kudos to you, etc etc w/ Barca and Munich..

    As for the part of people are entitled to criticize or be cynical towards Rodgers for comments as the gaffer, that are basically the same as Agger, of course they are, but you say after each loss.. Well, LFC have lost 1 game in 9.. I'm not sure that % will be so good after Udinese and West Ham in the next 4 days, but I think you see my point.

    If key, big players are happy, enjoying their football, and admitting that they are learning things and learning things from Rodgers, and the performances in some people's eyes, seem to be dramatically improving as far as quality, style and consistency, then I see no reason why he should constantly be put to the sword and even made a mockery of, where nobody would really say a word if it were Skrtel, Lucas, Suarez..

    It's not Rodgers fault that he has stated over and over he is ever the optimist. It's not his fault, we create 25-30 shots or chances and convert 1, 2 if we're lucky and it's not his fault that he was left wanting in August when clearly he had a plan. He's never come out and said "I thought we were brilliant.... and should have won 4-1 or 5-1", he just says I thought the work rate, the effort, the commitment, and the chances created were wonderful/brilliant... and to that affect, he's said the opposite in games where we've clearly been very bad, ie West Brom, Anzhi, Arsenal, and 1-2 others..

    I'm not trying to be overly supportive of a person who isn't showing anything, but I am a realist and an optimist. I look forward to our games, though I do have my reservations with a young and thin squad, but for me, in my own personal opinion, we have played better in more games, and worse in less games, and really feel that there is dramatic improvement and signs leading towards more. I don't know where they end up this year, but barring players in and out, I feel good about 1-2 years down the line..

    I suppose I'm sorry for being an optimist like Daniel Agger who actually steps on the pitch, and Rodgers who stands right on the sideline.. what can I say..