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    Daniel Sturridge - done deal?

    There has been speculation for a long time of our interest in Sturridge. Recent speculation forced his agent to comment denying Sturridges wage and playing position demands (£80k per week and I only want to play 'Walcott centre forward') but not denying LFC negotiations.

    There is a lot of noise now that a deal has been agreed at £12m and he will be on his way quickly after the window opens, that is interesting for us but probably more interesting for Chelsea who must have something in the pipeline.

    Personally I see Sturridge as an excellent round peg, round hole solution. It is a striking option who can play right forward. He would get games up top but also be expected to take up positions in the box when Suarez goes roaming. 1st impressions are that he is a bit of a prick but a good player. I think it makes a lot of sense, what do you guys think?

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    • Yes I've read the same things. Makes sense after the rumours that we tried to sign him on deadline day, and it terms of the position(s) he plays it makes a lot of sense. But he is not a player renowned for his passing or tracking back so I wonder how well he will get on with Mr Rodgers.

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      • Personally I have little room for anyone that's a bit of an arrogant plonker. They tend to be lazy IMO and from my limited knowledge of Sturridge he fits into that bracket. However if the transfer happens I can only say we'll see how he fits in, but I'm certainly aprehensive about the move. Saying that I'm generally aprehensive about all our transfer dealings at the moment.

        £12m, that's probably about 1Ca (Carroll) at current rates.

    • I do think this makes a lot of sense, and your round peg round hole is fitting. The question for most is he good enough, but as I think we're looking for a backup striker who can also play as anywhere across the front 3 in a fluid formation, I think he fits and does make us better. In terms of quality, I'd also point to his record at Bolton when on loan, and when he got a decent run of games in the starting lineup, something he's rarely had at Chelsea.

      But I'd discount the BR connection, because I do think he came into SB just as BR was leaving, so while I'm sure BR is fully aware of this talents, and might have been involved in getting him in at Chelsea I don't think he had time to actually work with the lad.

      The only question mark I think that would change this story from rumor to real possibility is what Chelsea is doing themselves behind the scenes to bring in a striker. While Sturridge is not first choice, (he may in fact be 3rd behind striker and the false number 9 option) I hardly doubt they'd let him go without and upgrade coming in.

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      • For what it's worth, it is overwhelmingly said that Sturridge and Ince are the top 2, from this side of the pond.

        Normally, as I've said in another thread, our pundits and tv personalities (not the internet or papers) do not speak on these things unless it's some massive deal, or persistent rumor that never goes away. So, it's a bit odd..

        As far as Sturridge goes, he's not my first choice, but I'm not the one making the decisions, and when comparing to Walcott, I do prefer him. I think he has a higher ceiling and alot of his arrogance and frustration is simply out of a young, very good player who just doesn't seem to get enough chances. Granted his attitude and training could play a part to that, but being in a new environment, especially if he's somewhat familiar with Rodgers and having an opportunity at a regular spot will make him go the extra lengths needed.

        This said, I do like his swagger and confidence in front of goal.. he's scored some lovely goals out of nothing from backheels, and it only makes you think how bad Henderson and some others look with easy chances, and just remember when Daniel was on loan with Bolton, without looking, I think he had 9 goals in 13 games (ish) .. That's a good return, in the Prem.

        Above all else.. Right now, I think he's injured, so if he's damaged goods, consider it a no go in January, and it really all boils down to what Chelsea do, and I think it's a bit naive to think they won't be adding 1-2 strikers regardless if Torres finds himself or not..

    • I've always thought Sturridge would be good for us.. so it's a no brainer..

    • I can see the logic with Borini. He's supposed to be a forward who plays in a slightly wider position and as an advanced midfielder all rolled into one. His work rate and that side of the game cant be faulted. It's the goal return that is but that same criticism can be levelled at every sinlge player other than Suarez. Actually it could be argued that Suarez should have scored more too!

      The front 3 must work as a unit. All of them alternating between creating chances and / or getting into a goal scoring position.

    • Sturridge alone isn't enough..

      Bent & Sturridge would be better for us.
      It'll give us options upfront then.

      If the Sterling contract fails then we'll have to get rid.. Put the money towards the 2 strikers I mentioned..

      Sturridge & Suarez could play wide attackers and Bent in the centre..

    • One other thing on Borini. I'd say that any criticism levelled at him can also levelled at Sterlings feet. He's only scored one league goal this season remember, and he's played a lot more games now.

      But of course the English press have elevated him to another level. All I'd say is be careful when looking at a player. I reckon you need to take the step back and see what's going on around him. In this case while they've played quite well no one is exactly bangng the goals in for fun are they?