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  • Miguel Miguel Dec 7, 2012 15:32 Flag

    Udinese 0 Liverpool 1

    .....................and amidst all the talk about Sahin, Henderson, Suso, Allen et al, let´s give Jose Enrique another pat on the back. A productive shift and some of his over the defence balls for Suarez (and the missing pairing we await in January!) were spectacular. Two up front and at least one of those passes could easily have resulted in another goal. Love the way he in particular and Johnson drive forward with intent and (back to those aerial passes) it was intelligent on Enrique´s part to try and bypass a crowded Udinese midfield and defence imo. Bet even tika taka Brendan accepted the alternative approach he provided.

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    • Yes indeed. Someone has definitely found the "on" switch wit this guy. He now looks sensational and a really good value buy again.

      i'm imprssed and I take back what I;ve said about him previously if I've been over critical

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      • In the veign of commending Enrique for yet again, another strong showing, how about a pat on the back for Rodgers?

        The guy has come out and vehemently said he's the eternal optimist, and truly lives up to that, yet he gets slaughtered by some here, where I'll take an optimist over a pessimist every day of the week, though to some, and some in particular, it's not ok to commend a good performance and focus on good vs bad in a tight game, not a loss of course..

        Confidence breeds confidence.. I was all over Enrique after seeing how miserable he was for an entire week here in the summer, and early season form and to his credit, he's turned it all around, not only back to his defensive best, but a reinvented player going forward... And last time I checked, it's Rodgers that makes those decisions for him to start up front, or have the green light to raid forward at will..

        I think Allen is absolutely worn down.. Getting Lucas fit again, and perhaps toying with someone else who can do a holding job, may help because I truly think he needs a rest, in addition to agreeing with what you've said about him being someone they underestimate. While he's been somewhat sloppy in recent matches with passes, I don't think he's been awful, but I can think of 2-3 terrible back passes to him, with no choice but to foul or take a yellow, case in point yesterday..

        As for Sahin, I was under the impression it's broken and if in fact it really was gushing, then fine, but if not, especially as a fan and follower of his, I'd be really disappointed. Dave to answer your question, he speaks English perfectly, and in fact he speaks 4 languages.. he's very intelligent and cultured, not to mention he was absolutely incredible for Dortmund. You'd think that would have translated easily to La Liga, though the pecking order at Madrid is just a bit classy, but I have to say, and again as a fan, I'm very disappointed in what we're getting.

        I'm not sure time will fix it, because truth be told, he seems to have fallen behind every mid we have, especially if Jordan can replicate what he did yesterday because Jordan always brings that pace and Kuyt like work rate if nothing else.. I wouldn't lump Sahin and Borini into the same sentence. Borini has changed 5 clubs and 7 places of residence in 2 years, and played exclusively out of position, then injured. Sahin was an almost automatic starter shortly after we signed him, started very well, but has offered little since.

        He can obviously turn it around, but what we're seeing or getting, isn't 1/10th of what he did in Germany, sadly. And, again, if we play a formation where one of them is really going to push forward and it's not Gerrard or Shelvey, I'd like that to be Suso to explore his creativity, passing and shooting range, while playing Sterling wide and Assaidi, who I really think needs to get his ass into games.. He's a real enigma to me after seeing him as a very good player last year in Eredvisise..

        Again, very good, controlled performance overall, sloppy for a patch late on, but a win nonethless. Good confidence booster and I think 1 loss in 9 going to a tough match at West Hammer land..