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  • Jason Jason Dec 9, 2012 18:16 Flag

    Raise Your Hands..

    If you were within minutes or seconds of starting our favorite type of thread highlighting how bad we are, how much you dislike the style Rodgers employs, questioning his tactics, harping on the no striker thing despite NOTHING being able to fix that, and comparing us and our points to those in the relegation area... Go on, raise those hands..

    Was it pretty, NO, was it exactly how we'd like to win, NO, was it awesome, a win and 3 points, YES!

    Before going any further, since I used the word "awesome", which would be a positive in the same sentence, I should wait for the resident board moderator to make sure that I'm within my bounds to say that..?

    Ah.. haven't got that time.. 10/10 the last 12 months, particularly last season and early doors this year, we just lose that 2-1, perhaps 3-1 or even just blow the late 3-2 lead..

    That's 2 wins a row, something we haven't done in a very long time, with a home fixutre coming vs Villa up next and Suarez back.. 1 loss in 11, and how dare I say it.. 4 points from top 4.

    I guess this thread will be heavily scrutinized by some, particularly the moderator himself from the capital of England, but I'm a positive person, a Liverpool supporter and on the Liverpool boards.. what can I say?

    Great performances in particular to Glen who was unplayable, Shelvey, Allen and both CBs.. I hate saying anything about Cole, but it was a well taken goal, thank you very much, your value went up, and a commendable job by Downing at LB..

    That may have been Sterling's most physical, intense match in his young career with a great assist..

    Well Done! (If that's ok?)

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    • Well done indeed.

      Pretty poor performance but a great result and isn't it good to be saying that after two years of many games being the other way around.

      Think the team showed a good spirit and togetherness once we got the equaliser - up until then I couldn't see it coming.

      Disagree with you on Allen - thought he was average again yesterday (has been having a dip in form over the last 4/5 games imo). Thought Lucas looked assured as well as the three defenders you mentioned.

    • What a game, Glen's goal was just something else. We seemed to completely dominate till we went 1-0 up, created a couple of chances after then began to feel the WHU pressure. They were all over us and playing so quickly and agressively, it was pretty intense. Mo Diame is a heck of a player, that hammy is going to cost the Hammers big time. The penalty was a bit harsh but I would have been calling it if the other way. Know idea what Stevie was up to for the o.g.!

      Joe Cole did really well and it was an important finish, think it will help him attract suitors in January. The Jonjo song and celebration are just brilliant! How was that not a penalty in injury time?! If we ever get one I am sure we will miss it now!

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      • Think its right to break up the game the way you have. The first 20 minutes or so we really did dominate. Out of the traps like a flash and no answer from WHU.

        After that, credit to the hammers they muscled their way back into the game. Also got to give credit to Cole who was almost unplayable. I say almost as I've got to give a lot of credit to both our center backs for all but nullifying what was a man on fire.

        I do however think they were lucky on the two goals. Can't complain too much, as there is no way we can say we out played them other than the opening 20, but they also did not create that much in terms of clear scoring chances. But then again that is the Alyidice way, it isn’t pretty but it works, and credit to them.

        But think the biggest thing for me was the character we showed. Yes Johnson's opener was a piece of class, but the fight back showed our steel, which I hope is a turning point for us. I got to give huge credit to Henderson who I think put a bit more muscle in further up the park, as until then we'd been pushed back a bit. Also credit to BR for making the move as taking off Lucas potentially left us exposed with Cole playing so well for them, but he went for the points, and it worked.

    • Really excellent win. It's done us the world of good. Just look at the replies above (ignoring Armchair's of course. Over the last 8 games we are 5th in the mini form guide / table so we are improving for sure.

      Just to bring us down to earth a little we still need to improve our home form and every man and their dog knows we need goals.

      Johnson was great yesterday going forward but when we lost the ball he was miles out of position and as a result we were in a bit of trouble.

    • Yes, armchair, you've hit the nail right on the head, once again..

      We have not been in the Champions League in 3 years, and we didn't even have Europa last season.

      We've changed 4 managers in 3 years, finished last term 18th only to Wolves and Rovers who are playing their champagne football in the Championship, with only 1 win after January and no back to back wins in the league until today.

      We've gone from 15th up to 10th, with a chance to make up more ground while strengthening in January, but we are 17 points off the top of the league..

      So, I suppose you are dead on, our ambitions are far to low, for a team having not won back to back in 12 months, and all we'd really need to do is win our next 6 matches in a row, with goals to spare, and hope that United drop 6 in a row, and we'll be at the summit of the league just like that.

      While that's all happening, wealthy oil tycoons will take over, build us a 70k seat stadium and give us 200M to spend in 3 weeks, and by next season, we will be slugging it out with Bayern, Barca, Madrid, PSG etc for the Champions League..

      Or we can focus on the goal of every single fan across the globe, as well as the manager, players and owners, which is reaching top 4..

    • Seems our aspirations again are somewhat low.. Just going for 4th and settling for that..

    • Good win lads.. Now lets hope this is a spate of wins to come?

    • All we can do is win games however it may look to others Jason! I don't come on here just because of the total crap you get from other so called supporters.

      But dare i say that just maybe we are starting to turn the corner ever so slightly? And don't forget we won in Italy as well Jason mate.


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      • Agree with both of you, and that's the premise of my thread and my optimism.. I was smiling as if we just beat United.. A win is a win, no matter how you do it, and if there was ever a classic routine or typical loss for Liverpool over the past 2 years, that was it, and to their credit and our happiness, they pulled it out..

        We have a couple of home games coming up, while riding alot of momentum, with Suarez back, Lucas getting better, Allen finding his better form, and our back line looking strong, esp considering they didn't concede a goal today, rather an OG and pk.. would have been 4 clean sheets in a row..

        Again, though, I must warn you, use of optimism and happiness while being a Liverpool is frowned up on here, so I warn you of the backlash..

    • Our Reds were well overdue for fate to smile on them , Jason. Fickle lady fate has kicked them in the teeth so many times in the past year. A win is a win is a win. And something to build on with Luis Suarez return to the squad.

      It really doesn't matter what supporters of other clubs have to say. Won't knock this smile off my face. Well done you Reds.