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    Little morality in football

    Not sure if I wanted to start this thread, as sometimes letting sleeping dogs lie is best, but I do think its worth commenting on, and besides sooner or later some troll would come along as use this as proof of what an evil and morally bankrupt club LFC is, so why not give then a single place to air their bile:


    Seems to me there has been a lot of talk lately about the end of football because of the horrible behavior of fans and players alike in recent times. While you cannot defend actions of individuals, when you consider how many people watch football each week I think it’s clear it’s a case of a few bad eggs rather than some systemic problem. You throw away rotten eggs when you find them, but to read Hayward’s piece in the telegraph you'd think it was time to shut down the farm.

    So yet again the press swing from one extreme to another pleading moral outrage which they will bleat away at for 5 seconds or until the next big story comes along they can all chase like sheep. But we've come to expect that from the press, while those in positions of authority in the game I'd hope would take a more measured view before speaking out.

    Which takes me to the comments of Ouseley. The organization he runs has a worthy cause, and should get support. However I do think some of his comments are rash and or not well thought through. Is he suggesting, both CFC and LFC abandon their players during the investigation of the cases brought? Why therefore did he not go after the FA, as surely if your morally bankrupt for supporting an accused person, Clattenberg should have been thrown to the wolves.

    Yes both LFC and CFC supported their players, and some on here did not like that, but to call it a lack of morality I think is a bit much. If your son was accused of a crime he told you he did not commit (let alone handbags that crossed the line) would the moral thing be to stand by your child or abandon him?

    But they were both found guilty I hear some cry. Yes they were, and both then faced the punishment assigned to them. The clubs and the players accepted the punishment and moved on, they did not fight it, and so why is that a sign of a lack of morals?

    I'm sure some may want to open a big debate on this, which is fine. But my intention was not to open up the Suarez or Terry cases again, but rather just say my peace.

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    • And ......

    • Is it just me, or was that a very long post Dave?

    • never top the kop...Yeah t not a keyboard warrior takes a fair bit to provoke me BUT as u say "ITS ALL GONE QUIET OVER THERE" as The Kop used to sing when the Road End Nutters waded in before the days of fan segregation..lol.
      Im 63 but I know Im not made of glass but maybe I should take my 13 yr old daughter along just in case eh ?....Shes a Brown Belt Karate student....lol...rated No2 in her age category in a region of over 2 million population.

    • Nice one Colin, have you noticed as the saying goes..."Its all gone quiet over there" LOL

    • interesting one this we talk about morality in the game and all the while we support it every week we support it when we buy tickets,shirts,scarves and matches programmes.

      just take a minute and lets it absorb and then ask yourself why do i cheers these players on every week these players who earn millions pf pounds a year these players who dive and cheat to win games these players who racially abuse one another players who abuse match officials but yet we still continue to support them weres the morality in that

      morality is like loyalty in football doesn,t exist if it did these players would play for the same wages as the rest of us and treat each other with the respect

    • SEANICEMAN ...U and Robert would make a great team...proper job?... Im a year away from retirement age sunshine...how many yrs u want me to go on working ? Let me know and I will do my very best to accommodate u. If u wish I can let u know whenever Im going to next be in Liverpool maybe talk face to face? I mean the age I am u might have a chance but probably better to bring couple u mates along just in case...u do have a couple mates dont u ?

    • ...''perogative''...

      = prerogative.............!!!

      so much for the English Major, back in the day when it wasnt worth the money from the taxpayer for some dumbasses education....

      actor= dossing wannabe who cant be arsed to contribute to society with a proper job


    • You're right on one thing. I have no ambition to match your level of erudition.


    • Robert m...no its not pal ...and I note u dont post up your own academic achievements , is that because u have none to post up sunshine ? A certain degree of erudition is required on the part of those who wish to debate with me clearly u dont possess that degree required.
      If you feel Im conceding the "arguement" via waffling thats your perogative...but it seems as once famously stated in a Monty Python sketch all that u are interested in is "automatic- gainsaying" in which case toddle off and find those with the same childish mentality as u self...so there! Nuh Nuh NUH NUH NUH

    • That's an awful lot of waffle to concede an argument.


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