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  • colin colin Dec 15, 2012 15:46 Flag

    Little morality in football

    Robert m...Enuff...sic...of this nonesense Robert.FYI...Im actually an english major from back when a degree was actually worth the paper it was printed on. As for spelling and punctuation cant be bothered when Im typing posts for this board precision sacrificed on the alter of speed u arent looking at spelling mistakes u are seeing typos. I speak four languages three fluently English French Spanish and Arabic. I also possess a degree in fine art and am a working artist and jobbing actor...does any of this place me in the same vaunted academic league as your very good self . I assume u come ranting onto our board with u "JT and just exactly what did he say" obsession because u cant find anybody on the Chelski board to debate with either cos they have tippled to the fact that u are a nutjob or u consider them all to be cretins and beneath your unquestioned academic/intellectual standing ?