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  • Jason Jason Dec 15, 2012 16:59 Flag

    Downing as a defender!!!


    Don't even know why I'm bothering, and after today's performance/final score, why this is even worth my time, but you really need to pay alot more attention to the team that's called LFC.

    This is AT LEAST the 5th (probably alot more) time that Downing has played, perhaps even started at left back. Enrique had a hamstring injury and was only just fit enough to make the bench.

    This was a dreadful, perhaps the worst I can remember in the past 12 months being that it was at Anfield, performance, but oddly, and ironically enough, if there was such a thing, today I felt our best player was Downing..

    So, it's basically meaningless, but our problems highlited over and over not only by myself and others are up front, and not just a striker, where I've been adament we need a classy wide player who does both score and create. Sterling while improving, not providing much product, Assaidi can't get himself in the squad, Cole is terrible, Suso not a real wide player, Downing preferred as a left back at least out of neccessity and nobody to play centrally if Suarez played wide..

    Allen has really hit a major dip in form, though he's 22 and the best of what he showed early is still yet to come, but I'd really liked for Rodgers to have broken that agreement and gone for Sinclair from day 1. I thought he should have been his top target and he's rotting away at City ..

    Sh*t performance, but Downing, and our defenders weren't really the problem, terrible midfield all around, no finishing and sloppy turnovers all over giving goals on a plate..

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    • Jason...shocking performance certain players who shall remain nameless should be docked theeir wages for this game for the crime of lack of commitment !
      Its becoming increasingly frustrating watching us dominate possession to reap absolutely nothing...? The owners if and I think that is a VERY big if they are commited to the cause of restoring some glory to the club must break the bank for a PROVEN world class striker NOT some prospect that we can shell out another 10 mill squid on who flops and then call him a prospect for this MYTHICAL "future" we are forever being promised by FSG and BR working hand in glove. Look at RVP at Old Toilet ...hes no spring chicken but hes providing a good haul of goals for the fee paid and helping UniTURD cover themselves in glory for yet another season while we get these hopeless drones of the level of ability of Cole Borini Aquilani Henderson Downing how much did we pay for this lot and more to the point how much will we ultimately have lost on them by the time theyare all gone? Then there is the contentious issue of allowing Andy C to be LOANED to WHU to save on his salary? The players I have named above I must add are all professionals and as with any players its necessary that they are well coached to play at the top of their abilities consistently as a TEAM and if they are not doing so then we must look for reasons why this is so and for me it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain faith in BR who like the owners always speaks of a MYTHICAL future ? For me "the future" is January transfer window and if maximum usage isnt made of that opportunity to bring in some World Clas PROVEN strikers I think for many among the support FSG and BRs honeymoon will most definitely be OVER! .....We NEED someone who can put the ball in the onion bag someone besides Suarez who has been a hero this season and without his efforts I feel we would be struggling right now to stayout of the bottom three.... !!!

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      • Well Colin,

        I think you know me well enough and how I post by now that I have no problem calling out names when I see fit, so I can say the names with or without others agreeing.. needless to say I did it a ton last year, and some have moved on and done no better..

        Gerrard, while he scored a goal, to me and the player I've known, was absolutely miserable today in every aspect. Suarez set him up on a plate at least twice and he barely tapped at Guzan, his corners awful, always turning it over, sloppy giveaways.

        Lucas was just not very match fit, though not awful. Allen is seeming like we are running him into the ground and is regressing where early on looked like player of the season. I always praise skrtel and I found him a little left wanting on the first goal for backing off to much..

        Glen, a shadow of who played at West Ham, Shelvey couldn't put a foot right, and Suarez seemed to have one of those games where all the ideas and decisions were there but just lacking the rght touch.. Oh, and back to par for the course, Reina must have been getting a gift at the shop on that first goal.. a 30 yard low drive that he missed by a mile, no matter how hard it was shot, that was inexcusable for me, especially watching Guzan look like Buffon across the pitch..

        So, basically the entire team aside from Downing, Agger, and in bits Sterling, who still is lacking in providing something. I know he's young, but since he's being used as automatic first choice 11, the expectations have to be there for him, and he doesn't seem capable yet of making a decision whether to make a cut and take a shot, play a low ball, or make some sort of cross.. He gets past his marker into the box wayyyy to often to end up with nothing..

        As I've said, and most of everyone knows by now, this is a rebuilding process and is going to take more time. The progress has been there, but today was an absolute humiliation, and sadly to say it, was very reminiscent of the final months/weeks of Kenny's reign last season. Ironically, we had a week off to prepare, whereas we'd been play 2-3 fixtures every 8 days recently so who knows, maybe too much time off for a team that was 3rd in form to the 2 Manchester clubs..

        End of the day, Rodgers has his ideas, ethos, system but doesn't have the horses to run the race. And, while it's over said and done, alot of people sayd they're actually glad we didn't sign Clint Dempsey... well, look at our issue, which is a 3 year recurring them outside of anyone named Suarez, Gerrard and Torres, and Dempsey's 3 goals and 3 assists for Spurs while not even being a regular starter, where he'd be first 11 with us, should re-think that, esp when saying X was too much, or his age was too old..

        We need to get our ass in gear and toughen up, take 3 points vs Fulham and really knuckle down after that with 2 more where we CAN get results, make it to January in the top half, top 8 and get in 3 players who will bring end product.. We need pace, creativity, and someone who hits the ball in between the sticks where there isn't a body, not at the goalie or into the stands..

        I felt embarassed for Rodgers today, along with myself and the folks at Anfield.. regardless if he could have chosen a player here and there, he didn't spend all week with them practicing that garbage that occured after our routine opening 20" onslaught of the opposition's goal, yet never to score..

    • Jason, partly right but don´t underestimate the overall problem which was clearly on view today. Far too slow in the build up and still passing sideways and backwards waiting for support at the front. Result? Every attack faced with eleven closely ranked defenders. Villa? Fast on the break, penetration not passing and facing only two or three desparately backpedalling defenders.

      It´s all very well playing the whole team in attack and then in defence but for that never changing strategy to succeed the players need to be far faster up and down the pitch and we lack the athleticism to do that successfully leaving ourselves outnumbered at both ends of the pitch.

      In other words, the system is not suited to the players we have.

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      • Miguel...Exactly right mate..as u say "the system isnt suited to the players we have"...I think and I posted this up last season that Kenny was trying to move us in a similar direction withhis version of the old Dutch Total Football tactic and wasnt making too bad a job of it. We arent hitting the onion bag and Id go so far as to say with the exception of Suarez AND perhaps Gerrard if partnered with Suarez further fw we dont have the players who will be able to this season unless we buy in some PROVEN WORLD CLASS striker....As u say our build up is painfully slow giving the opposition every chance to track back and form an iron curtain that without some extreme sorcery from Suarez WE JUST DONT HAVE THE PLAYERS WHO CAN PENETRATE SUCH DEFENSIVE FORMATIONS AND EVERY PREM MANAGER KNOWS IT. So ...where do we go from here because anymore of this one step forwrd two steps back stuff and we are going to be struggling to avoid the drop this season...seriously...Its becoming hard to maintain faithin BRs claim that we have a brighter future think his coaching isnt up to the standard of Kennys last season if we fall any lower maybe its time for yet another sacking and appoitment of somebody up to the scale of the job Im not sure BR is !

    • Then is it worth us going for Sinclair and a couple of strikers?