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  • Miguel Miguel Dec 15, 2012 17:09 Flag

    Downing as a defender!!!

    Jason, partly right but don´t underestimate the overall problem which was clearly on view today. Far too slow in the build up and still passing sideways and backwards waiting for support at the front. Result? Every attack faced with eleven closely ranked defenders. Villa? Fast on the break, penetration not passing and facing only two or three desparately backpedalling defenders.

    It´s all very well playing the whole team in attack and then in defence but for that never changing strategy to succeed the players need to be far faster up and down the pitch and we lack the athleticism to do that successfully leaving ourselves outnumbered at both ends of the pitch.

    In other words, the system is not suited to the players we have.

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    • Miguel...Exactly right mate..as u say "the system isnt suited to the players we have"...I think and I posted this up last season that Kenny was trying to move us in a similar direction withhis version of the old Dutch Total Football tactic and wasnt making too bad a job of it. We arent hitting the onion bag and Id go so far as to say with the exception of Suarez AND perhaps Gerrard if partnered with Suarez further fw we dont have the players who will be able to this season unless we buy in some PROVEN WORLD CLASS striker....As u say our build up is painfully slow giving the opposition every chance to track back and form an iron curtain that without some extreme sorcery from Suarez WE JUST DONT HAVE THE PLAYERS WHO CAN PENETRATE SUCH DEFENSIVE FORMATIONS AND EVERY PREM MANAGER KNOWS IT. So ...where do we go from here because anymore of this one step forwrd two steps back stuff and we are going to be struggling to avoid the drop this season...seriously...Its becoming hard to maintain faithin BRs claim that we have a brighter future think his coaching isnt up to the standard of Kennys last season if we fall any lower maybe its time for yet another sacking and appoitment of somebody up to the scale of the job Im not sure BR is !