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  • Jason Jason Dec 17, 2012 17:00 Flag

    Downing as a defender!!!

    Joe Cole is so terrible, and that really shows how thin the squad is especially after Brendan has admitted that he's going to have to rest Sterling and Allen (though we're covered for Allen) very soon..

    The answer to the previous question or statement on Downing at left back is really quite simple. Earlier in the season Downing said it's a position he's played before and didn't mind it or feel uncomfortable, and Brendan had said he's done fine in training. And to be fair, he's done quite ok there, hardly the source of any major problems, and one of the few good players vs Villa. All of that said, Enrique barely passed fit minutes before, so probably just made the match, obviously Wisdom must have a knock since he wasn't included, we don't have Kelly, and clearly Rodgers has no interest in Flannagan, who I don't think is really that good either, so aside from that option, or playing Carra there, he had only Glen and Downing available, unless he went with Flanny, and Glen left..

    Hopefully Wisdom is ok, and nothing serious, and while not expecting anything, would be great to hear Kelly news.

    Downing was told he can leave multiple times, and again recently, so he's being used out of necessity and to showcase in the window.

    Sadly, we'll be lucky to get 5-6M, if that for him, and regards to Cole, we're going to have to eat a huge chunk of wages alone to get him gone down the road. I think alot of people over look these things when they talk about the transfers.. the wages, these 2 alone, almost 200K per week! That's millions over the course of the year, enough to buy 1 player alone..

    We've made some awful buys in recent years, and FSG has really had a tough time trying to correct this after trusting the debacle that was last summer's window, and now leaving Brendan a bit handcuffed. Fortunately, and he's said it many times, he has his targets, multiple, and he has the money he needs without the need to sell, so Downing will be a bonus, where Cole has got to be a priority out.. But, when saying he has the money he needs, people will also misconstrue and say it needs to be 40M 45M etc and buy this guy or that guy, when he has multiple holes to fill, the wages are crippling the pockets of guys who aren't filthy rich on oil and made it very clear, to clean this up and implement a solid pay structure foundation.

    That doesn't mean cheap buys, but January is so tough especially inflated prices and knowing who needs to buy.. I think it will be more baby steps in the right direction, and the better the team gets and Rodgers system settles in, we're not going to see a massive one off, world class buy in one shot, at least not until the summer..