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  • To be honest, this result did not shock me.

    Villa played well against an inform Norwich(away) and held their own against the thugs of Stoke. Their Kids are battling.

    Henderson should have started, the kid is starting to be more authoritive around the pitch.

    Villa had a solid middle and def, three mid and three centre halfs. Nothing wa going to get though. Suarez has to keep dropping short to receive the ball.

    Supply from wide, Stirling is looking tired, needs a break. Downing did ok but attacking had a nose bleed even thinking about getting the defender to commit, gutless player.

    Allen for me had an absolute disaster.
    Physically weak, no determination. He could have prevented all three goals when moves were started in midfield, no urgency in pressing.

    Allen only made two forward passes in the whole game, passes that bypass the villa midfield, one got though to Stevie but the second was to Joe Cole which lead to the third Villa Goal.

    In the West Ham game, Allen dribbled and got though to the 18 yd box could have shot by using the defender in front of him as a blind spot to the West Ham Goalie but for some unknown reason he had a nose bleed, and passed the responsibility on to to Stirling from only 2 yards. Joke.

    Allen and Downing for me are GUTLESS individuals, people that you would not take in to a battle with you or ask to cover your back. BR Please get rid. At least Joe Cole showed some fight when he lost the ball and clattered Bentenke to win possission.

    Quastion to all, Is Stevie G losing his roar, in the past he would tell a team mate off or keep taking and controlling the mid.????