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  • We've been cursed I tell you, cursed.

    Blame the Benitez. He put some Spanish hoodoo on the club during his bitter board room battles. We haven't been a free scoring side since that day.

    Seriously though it's diffiult to pinpoint exactly but there certainly needs to be some kicks in the back side and fresh blood.

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    • Dead agree with you on Stevie G but I think he is a man who is disappointed and frustrated by what is happening at the club.
      As are the majority of fans, the trouble is that we all raised our hopes when KD came in and although a lot disagreed with his signings we still felt hope, but BR seems to offer nothing, almost to the point that I think that the best we are going to do is draw and worst is lose. I can't seem to see a win. So when it comes it's a bonus.For me imo BR is not for LFC.

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      • Bold Statement and I share your concerns but I think that Rodgers is doing well with (to quote above) teh blunt tools available. That includes Gerrard in my opinion. To me he looks awkward when the game demands a short passing game done at pace.

        Give him time and the freedom to blast a 40 yard pass and you see a different animal, especially whe he's given a license to roam. With a 3 man midfiedl he needs to be disciplined and he's stuggling with it. I'm losing count of how many times I've seen him sloppy in possession and then caught out of position this year. That puts more pressure on Allen who is constantly looking for some help there in the middle but he spends all day covering everyone else!