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  • Hi Dave

    I agree with some of that but would point out that we shouldn't make the mistake of confusing hopeful shots with chances. I know that sounds odd but what I mean is a lot of our "chances" against Villa were hopeful efforts through a crowd. To me, Villa created far more clear cut chances than we did on the day and therefore were the more effective team and fully deserved the win.

    Some will argue that we underperformed, some will argue that BR hasn't got the tactics right, some will argue that we don't have good enough players. My guess is that it's a little bit of all of those.

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    • I don't disagree with that, but would submit the half chances were predominantly in the second half, while our best chances were during the first, when we better stuck to the game plan. I'm not saying we don't need better players, we do, especially a little more depth, and at least one creative player who can help unlock a stubborn back line. But I am also saying we are better than our results would suggest when we stick to our game, but on Saturday we lacked the confidence or the character, unlike the week before in East London, to stick to what works for the full 90 minutes, and it’s that which I’m most disappointed with.

      But I also think sometimes you do have to give the other side some credit. That happens sometimes, and even the best teams can be beaten. For example look at how well Chelsea did against Barca and Munich, but then again look who's taken down Chelsea this term. Point being not winning every game is not failure, so I don't see the need to go overboard about the loss at the weekend. Was it a step backward, yes, but imo should be viewed as a wakeup call after a series of small, but definite steps forward this season.