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  • "it seemed you put the emphasis on the result when it was poor, but then talked about the performances when the result went our way"

    Firstly, that is factually wrong. I talked about our performance against Villa being poor which was matched by the result.

    Secondly, the only reason I talked about performance is because you said that you think we were playing much better in November than we were in September and were using that to justify your "definite steps forward" statement. To counter that, I pointed out that in my opinion we haven't been performing well of late. As I posted above, "for me, the only factual evidence that matters are the results" and they haven't been good enough so far (although there are many games to go) - or do you disagree with that last statement?

    I have a different view to you Dave and engage in posts with you and others to try and understand your point of view and to see if I can learn something from it. I'm not interested in picking & choosing facts to suit any particular argument. I want BR and my football club to succeed and I hope very much that they do. It's just that I keep hearing and reading how great things are at Liverpool and then I watch them play game after game (admittedly mostly on a dodgy Internet feed from France these days) and look at the table and I can't understand the hype. I've been a fan of the club for almost 40 years and, until a couple of years back, was a regular attendee home and away. I'd rather trust the evidence of my own eyes than listen to statistics about possession or pundits going on about how BR speaks very well about the game.

    In Kenny's first full season, he won our first trophy for a number of years, got to another final and was sacked for finishing 7th without Suarez and Gerrard in many of the games. The performance level of the team last year was every bit as good, every bit as exciting as the performance level this season. After almost half the season we are stuck in 12th, only 7 points off first place but also only 7 points off relegation. Tell me again, where the "definite steps forward" this season are?

    ps. I write this full in the knowledge that we have 4/5 "winnable" games coming up.