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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 17, 2012 07:43 Flag

    Raheem Sterling Contract

    Some of you seem not to understand how these things work. He is not Liverpool's slave. You cannot sell him to a team in the conference unless he agrees to the deal. A football club has a contract with a player. When the contract finishes the player can walk away. If a player is considering other clubs at the end of the current contract then you need to sell your deal to him.

    I don't know what Sterling will do. Quite possibly he would be best staying at Liverpool. But the commentary from some Liverpool fans is misplaced.


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    • I agree, we just have to be patient and wait and see. I can't see a better club for him to be at in terms of development, not because we have the best youth policy or anything like that but because it is, regardless of league position, a very high profile club which can guarantee him playing time. Yes, City, Chelsea, United might give him the £50k but lets be honest, he would be way down the pecking order there. He would end up doing a Marin and wondering what the hell he was doing.

      Even if it isn't about 'loving the club' and it is just about doing the best thing for himself, signing a new contract is the answer so he can concentrate on his own development and if he wants to go back to london then and play in the evenings so be it!

      People keep saying that he can go for free but even if he went at the end of his current contract we would have one of those developmental situations like Chelsea had with Sturridge and we would recieve sensible compensation then. My gut feeling is that he will sign a new deal in the next couple of weeks, there is a lot of speculation that he has agreed terms in principle but it just needs rubber stamping.

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      • For Sturridge did you mean Borini?

        These compensation packages for youth players are minimal, aren't they? Chelsea got a few hundred thousand for Borini, nothing like the amount you paid for him. If you don't re-sign Sterling you'll get a similar amount, won't you?

        As for Marin, he played in the World Club Champonship final yesterday. I'm not sure why but I didn't really get our mad manager's team selection. Both times Marin has come in recently it looked like Benithus was simply trying to keep him happy rather than going for a result.


      • Didn't we have all this hassle with Skrtel, Agger etc.

        We were doing things nice and quietly but the noises in the press were a bit daft. Deals were sorted in the end without any pomp and fanfair.