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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 18, 2012 14:00 Flag

    Rest for some & Up the Competition..

    Robert this really is pedantic you are absolutely right, but since you started the exchange, and don't seem to let it go, surely it’s you trying to claim you’re on the higher horse.

    I'm sure Jason like the rest of us is fully aware that Football is the term used most of the time in the UK for the game he most likely grew up knowing as soccer. But even in the UK they are clearly interchangeable words even if you would like them not to be. Why for example does Sky Sports have a show called Soccer Saturday, or Soccer Supplement. Are these just for the North American audience?

    So you prefer Football, while maybe Jason prefers Soccer, or more accurately Jason does not prefer one over the other so uses the words (much like Sky Sports) interchangeably. So what! But to insist because this is a UK board it should be pointed out to the Americans, who are free to post here, that they should use the correct terminology, is a bit silly don't you think. I mean, do you still insist on calling Istanbul, Constantinople? How about Bombay vs. Mumbai, or Burma vs. Myanmar.

    Maybe it would be better to just admit you post was a little silly, and Jason or anyone else can call the game he actually seems to know quite a lot about, what he wants. Just as my grandfather used to like to call what I played soccer, even if he was fully aware that the Welsh Rugby Union no longer used the term Football officially for what he played as a child in South Wales.