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  • Jason Jason Dec 19, 2012 16:50 Flag

    Rest for some & Up the Competition..

    While I can't say it's their responsbility or they should have, I sort of wish LFC should had done so too, not because of the owners, but a much bigger picture after having done this great USA tour in the summer, the "Being Liverpool" and having a really great following and fan base here, and then yes, perhaps with the owners..

    Then again, and I apologize for forgetting his name/position w/ the club (former manager?), I know we, rather they, had black armbands on, and a moment for him, so perhaps that played a part and could have resulted in 3-4 minutes delay and a redundant feeling at the ground..

    Maybe they did though and I just didn't hear or notice it.. Again, not a responsibility or something I begrudge, but as one of many LFC NY/NJ/Metro area supporters, who've dealt with some massive tragedies the past decade +, it makes us feel a very proud attachment to the club, and many of the same things endured there, without opening up wounds or specifics.

    Either way, any club who did was a magnificent gesture, and I'm sure the others were more than aware and heard enough.. Seems as if there are far too many instances more and more of these sad occasions taking place everywhere.. Sad society we live in..