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  • Jason Jason Dec 17, 2012 13:36 Flag

    Rest for some & Up the Competition..

    This is actually something I've been harping on a bit over the past few weeks, and ironically I said something about the Villa game and perhaps having too much time off having been detrimental to them, not that it was an excuse for that debacle I hope to never remember again..

    Typically in American sports, football aside, playing alot of games or several in a short period let's players get into a great rhythm and sometimes that won't get broken, even if they ride it out until the point of fatigue and a championship.. That said, I think soccer, especially epl is much different, and while some can just maintain form because they're top class like Suarez, Skrtel and previously Lucas etc., but others just can't be run into the ground and I think Rodgers nailed it here, without even using that as any excuse aside from mentioning what I had said, about the previously busy weeks..

    I think Allen has been absolutely run into the ground and could use a full 90" off.. This would also do some things tactically that I'd like to see, such as keeping Gerrard deeper next to Lucas, or even if Gerrard is given a blow, Sahin, who when winning Germany player of the year, and in recent interview saying, he's at his best and most comfortable in a deeper holding role. That doesn't mean ball winner or sweeper, but a Xabi type who can dictate through posession and passing.

    Let's say we got any combo of these 3 scenarios, it could finally lead to getting Suso in a position where he could really cause havoc.. Sahin/Lucas, Gerrard/Lucas, Henderson/Lucas, or even if Lucas isn't fully fit, Henderson can do a job there too. I think he did it well last year with Jonjo when Stevie and Lucas weren't available, and charles manson glued to the bench..

    Those scenarios again could put Suso advanced right behind Suarez, and this would also cause the competition for the wide areas to really step up. I've got no idea what Assaidi's story is esp since he's not been getting into the bench even, but he needs to pick up his game, and then that could help Sterling..

    I don't like Downing, don't want him, never did, but ironically thought he was really the only one who brought a good game vs Villa, so I suppose if we have options available at the back, I'd still rather him play up front because he can at least shoot, and with his right foot, though destined to never score a league goal. This would also give a Pacheco, or someone else a chance to make a claim..

    To be honest, with the choices we have at central midfield, we should be able to have Downing/Assaidi, get a start together here and there, with Suarez up front, and Sterling available if needed. I know he's a fit lad, but he's played the most matches of anyone aside from Skrtel, who is made of iron..

    I really think end of the day, competition has to step up in the training, because Fulham could very well do the same thing, and to be honest, I think they have much better options than Villa did, though Benteke and Weiman had day's of their life, though both look good prem players..

    We need to rest some, but also toughen up alot. I think Stoke is next, and they won't be rolling out any pillows or blankets when we roll into the cauldron of death, arrows and spears being tossed left and right..

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    • While I can't say it's their responsbility or they should have, I sort of wish LFC should had done so too, not because of the owners, but a much bigger picture after having done this great USA tour in the summer, the "Being Liverpool" and having a really great following and fan base here, and then yes, perhaps with the owners..

      Then again, and I apologize for forgetting his name/position w/ the club (former manager?), I know we, rather they, had black armbands on, and a moment for him, so perhaps that played a part and could have resulted in 3-4 minutes delay and a redundant feeling at the ground..

      Maybe they did though and I just didn't hear or notice it.. Again, not a responsibility or something I begrudge, but as one of many LFC NY/NJ/Metro area supporters, who've dealt with some massive tragedies the past decade +, it makes us feel a very proud attachment to the club, and many of the same things endured there, without opening up wounds or specifics.

      Either way, any club who did was a magnificent gesture, and I'm sure the others were more than aware and heard enough.. Seems as if there are far too many instances more and more of these sad occasions taking place everywhere.. Sad society we live in..

    • There was a minute silence before the Chelsea Corinthians match too. An English team and a Brazilian team in Japan.


    • Robert it really is sad you have such a narrow view and to be honest a bit surprising as you seem more worldly than your posts on this thread would suggest. I really don't care what you call this game we all enjoy, just a shame you do care what others call it. what did Shakespeare say about roses?

    • so whats the american term for qunt...........just wondering..!!!

    • "but since you started the exchange, and don't seem to let it go, surely it’s you trying to claim you’re on the higher horse."

      Lol. I don't think I mentioned high horses, but since you came into the debate talking down to me, wouldn't that suggest you think you're on an even higher one?

      As for "don't seem to let it go", just two little things. First, if I am criticised I reserve the right to reply.Second, last time you and I had a long bad-tempered argument in which you several times accused me of having to have the last word, the last word was had by ... you.

      I hadn't noticed Sky Sports say "soccer". But they do seem to act like a branch of Fox Sports. I don't know much about Fox Sports except that when I watch Premiership matches live on the internet on firstrow.eu it is normally the Fox Sports presentation and it is so American I have to go and do something else at half-time to keep my sanity. It's probably that which prompted me to have a go at Jason in the first place. Perhaps Sky/Fox use "soccer" either because they care more about their American audience or because it confuses them to show two sports with a similar name. I don't know, but I do know "soccer" is not what the ordinary British football fan calls it.


    • Robert this really is pedantic you are absolutely right, but since you started the exchange, and don't seem to let it go, surely it’s you trying to claim you’re on the higher horse.

      I'm sure Jason like the rest of us is fully aware that Football is the term used most of the time in the UK for the game he most likely grew up knowing as soccer. But even in the UK they are clearly interchangeable words even if you would like them not to be. Why for example does Sky Sports have a show called Soccer Saturday, or Soccer Supplement. Are these just for the North American audience?

      So you prefer Football, while maybe Jason prefers Soccer, or more accurately Jason does not prefer one over the other so uses the words (much like Sky Sports) interchangeably. So what! But to insist because this is a UK board it should be pointed out to the Americans, who are free to post here, that they should use the correct terminology, is a bit silly don't you think. I mean, do you still insist on calling Istanbul, Constantinople? How about Bombay vs. Mumbai, or Burma vs. Myanmar.

      Maybe it would be better to just admit you post was a little silly, and Jason or anyone else can call the game he actually seems to know quite a lot about, what he wants. Just as my grandfather used to like to call what I played soccer, even if he was fully aware that the Welsh Rugby Union no longer used the term Football officially for what he played as a child in South Wales.

    • For reference Jason, "blimey" is one of my favourite words and you won't intimidate me into not using it frequently. Similarly "gosh". But I never use "crikey".


    • PSRed I'd give some players a rest .. and get rid of them..

    • Jason, you used the word "football" once and the word "soccer" once in that post. Over here, where most sports are invented, what we play is called "football", not "soccer". What you call "football" is really a poor man's rugby with tea-breaks and girlie shoulder pads.

      I hope this helps.