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  • Paddy Paddy Dec 18, 2012 09:07 Flag

    Johnson: No extra pressure on Reds

    Hi Armchair (sorry, you posted your name a while back and asked me to call you by it but I can't find the post!).

    I think you have a point here. It's a balancing act between taking pressure off players and making them ambitious. Maybe BR hasn't got the balance right.

    As for FSG - that's the biggie I reckon. KD won our first trophy for years, reached another final and was sacked for finishing 7th despite missing Suarez and Gerrard for large parts of the season. Six weeks and several winnable fixtures since I posted this and we are still in the same place - as close to relegation as we are to the 4th spot that was the minimum requirement when Kenny was in charge.

    It could be an uncomfortable plane ride to Boston for the end of season report.

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    • Although it's obvious to fans LFC need huge investment in the team, and to clear out those who by our standards are underperforming or don't deserve to be in the LFC kit.

      Another point is why should FSG pour money into the team that just isn't doing what they're paid to do.

      Looking at other clubs around the EPL who've less money than us are out performing us.. Thats a joke surely?

      As you say Rodgers & Ayre are gonna be in for a very uncomfortable plane ride. Yet it wouldn't be if they did what they were paid to do.