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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 18, 2012 14:17 Flag

    Johnson: No extra pressure on Reds

    Actually I think psredpool is correct it’s a balancing act between not putting too much pressure on players, and keeping the ambition levels high, but I'm not sure at this stage we can say BR has got the balance either right or wrong.

    I remember last season, the stuff that Mancini came out with near the end of the season, of how it was impossible for City to win, and MU had already sealed the title. It looked like weak mind games at the time, or that the Italian had lost it, but in hindsight it was obvious he was taking the pressure off his players and it worked a charm.

    Put it this way a while back BR says if we can do better than 8th it will be a successful season, and he's well rounded on by people on here and other places, but we were on a little run with just one defeat (to Spurs) in 11 matches. But after the WHU match and we see ourselves in the top half of the table and only 4 points off 4th place everyone is saying in the press that 4th is doable and should be our target, and suddenly we seem to freeze up after going 2-nil down to Villa. So maybe managing this pressure thing is something serious!

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    • I actually thought Colyn just gave two really great responses, particularly his second one with the points of pain, expectations and challenges...

      Needless to say, none of us saw that Villa result coming, certainly not Rodgers and he even said so in this presser afterwards on Sky and FSC here.. He didn't have any of his very positive, or brilliant talk, he said they were very poor in position, wasteful in chances, lethargic and he didn't know where it came from because training was as usual, and if anything one would have thought the full week off would have benefited as opposed to the previous weeks where there's been 3 matches in 8 days..

      Rodgers wouldn't have done anything differently training wise, nor underestimated Villa one bit, having been a manager of Swansea and Reading, understanding their point of view, and not to mention he said repeatedly that he found them to be a very challenging opponent (which anyone would do) but elaborated more and why because of the particular system and tactics they've been playing, which to their credit, absolutely worked to a T.

      So, I didn't think he had any issues with managing expectations and I have to say, perhaps you'll agree, maybe not, maybe Colyn a bit more here, that he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, and if he chose to be a real ass and not speak at all, everyone would be all over his case from every which way.

      I place all the blame on every single player who stepped on the pitch that day.. Nobody else. They were poor, to be kind, and absolutely let Rodgers, the fans and themselves down.

      As far as Johnson saying what he did, it's another case of jumping to bad conclusions like armchair, but what is he going to do, say we're terrified that we're going to lose next week now and start to fade.. No, they're going to be positive and move on. Every team has one of these, even the top dogs, and we have had a few, and to be truthful, will have more, but if you look at a new manager, new system, not a whole lot of money spent, and thin squad, I don't think people really grasp the bigger picture, and unless he finishes like 15th or 16th with some debacle goal differential, Rodgers isn't going anywhere, even with a 10th place finish, I'm sorry to say. I could be wrong there, with 10th, but that's my hunch based on FSG and what the plan is, which is to go forward long term, not accept it and say it's ok as many will make it out ok to be..

      I know nobody really watches Serie A alot nore cares, but 4 years ago Napoli were relegated and looking like collapse. Granted not the most historic club in Europe, but a good one with some history and Maradona, and look at them now. Just had an amazing ride in last year's UCL, a few points off the lead, and a couple of true world class players who've actually re-signed and stated they want to be part of it long term (Hamsik Cavani), whether that's truth or not is another story. But point being, clubs have suffered far worse than finishing 8th and made out better for it. Our finances/wages have been an absolute debacle, probably far further than any of us know..

      Hate to say it, but this could be a 3-4 year project, though I'm optimistic for quicker as in another year, after this.. And this is coming from someone who is very impatient with sports teams/players..