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  • colin colin Dec 22, 2012 20:44 Flag

    Transfer Stuff this side of the pond..

    Jason...still think that Andy C is a RED and likely to be back with us for start ofnext season. Cant see WHU coming up with the asked for on the agreement of 18 mill squid which leaves Newcastle as faves to sign him BUT ...theywant him for ...nowt ! Thats NOT going to happen hence further to prolonging the loan into next season when WHU dont come up with the readies end of season I see him back with us.
    Looks to me from this side of the pond that neither the Sturridge or the Ince deal has happened...IF we dont get Ince then I think theresponsibility for that should be on Ayre and he should be...down the road...rapid . Why ? Because as u indicate this guy is picking fights with the wrong people and isnt doing his job effectively therefore get rid and get someone in who is up to the job. I smell something wrong with the Sturridge deal...an injury perhaps that they are trying to conceal from us at least for a while . I dont know just something about thewhole deal doesnt feel right? Anyway whatever lovely to seee the lads hit the onion bag four times today one downside ...another shaky performance from Reiner he had very little to deal with but didnt exactly deal competently with the little they through at him by contrast to the heroics of the Fulham keeper who prevented a cricket score today.