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  • Jason Jason Dec 22, 2012 21:08 Flag

    Transfer Stuff this side of the pond..


    Think while I totally get your point about him still being a Red, which in theory he is, we're going to have to politely agree to disagree. Truth be told, it doesn't matter anyways, because nothing will happen until the summer, he's injured now and won't be back in January.

    As for where he ends up, and to really end the convo for now, I don't see West Ham going down.. they may struggle at times, but they are a poor mans' Stoke (not sure if that's a compliment or insult) and to boot, they really have no strike force worth noting outside of Cole who picked up a red and 3 games today. Sam likes his direct football, and he loves Andy, so if (and I predict they do) stay up, he'll want Andy. The only reason we loaned in the first place, is what ended up being a massive gaffe on Ayre or someone's part in not getting Dempsey with a back up plan, so in a way, Rodgers was at least smart enough to give us the option to recall him. This said, if West Ham stay up, they get a massive cash injection, I think 10M? Plus, their chairman isn't a poor guy, so it's very feasible. As for Newcastle, if they don't turn their season around, and perhaps lose Ba, then they would be the favorites and likely to spend more close to that 18-20 we'd hope for. Either way, if we get 15+, that's the best we're going to do unless he lights it up after the holidays/injury..

    As for Ince, without having any inside knowledge further than anyone else, I'm under the impression he at the very least has had, or did, have the opportunity to speak on the basis of personal terms, and like I said, and you agreed, if Ayre can't get him right, then I'm really going to be pissed because all parties involved seem to be on the same page, minus a measly 2-3M. As for Sturridge, the news hear is actually stipulating, quite vehemently that the "FEE" has been agreed, but his agent is causing a thorn with sell ons and other agent bs.. So, if he comes with that baggage, then we move on, but in regards to the other stuff, he's been injured and I think he will be in their squad tomorrow, and into January..

    The other name, which was one I pulled out of the sky a month ago, actually has surfaced on a suggested loan, but would be very good business irregardless of Sturridge or whoever else. Kevin Gamiero of PSG who is a very very good, young striker with experience and alot of ability. He doesn't get to play alot since the Chelsea/Madrid of France have purchased Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi and others, that have left Gamiero from being a regular to barely getting a sniff. He's got good pace, good size, and is a sharp finisher. SO, if true, again, on a loan basis is what's being suggested, no brainer for me..

    There's something worth talking about for Ba since apparently they had a deadline to extend his contract and erase that 7.5M release clause, and it passed, and seems like he rejected a new offer.. so for that money and based on his knee not being a problem, I think he's a very viable option, and one I'd hope we look at too..

    End of the day, we need 3-4 players minimum, and crazy enough, I've been thinking lately that going into the window that Downing really needs to play up front, if he is to play so we can give him 1 last shance or at least get his value up, and man was he on fire today.. If he can produce anything like that going forward, then I say we keep him, even if we add Ince, but Cole is a goner no matter what, and I'll pay his cab fare and flight..