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  • Colyn Colyn Dec 20, 2012 11:46 Flag

    Raheem Sterling agrees new 5 yr contract

    last minute Abramovich swoop Robert? £60m please. He's got a few years left in the tank and two good legs on him, unlike Torres ;o). English too!

    On another point I was reading that the Sturridge deal may have hit a glitch because of agents fees. By all accounts Liverpool have paid somewhere in the order of £30m to agents in the last 4 years. That figure is astounding!

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    • I don't think we do last minute swoops generally. I think we batter away at a target for months until our outrageous demands and their outrageous demands get met somewhere in the middle. Sometimes last minute deals are done at our expense - Robinho and Aguerro spring to mind. So if there is a last minute deal to be done on Sterling, I'd be looking more at City. Anyway, we have more wingers than fit in our squad at the moment.

      But, if I was a Liverpool fan, after the Dempsey saga I would be wary of counting my chickens before they have signed.